Questions Loom as Trade Deadline Nears

The White Sox are never quiet around the trade deadline. Even in seasons when the team seemed more seller than buyer, general manager Ken Williams has been aggressive in trying to make a move for the immediate future.

Things are a little different this time around, as the Sox have a franchise-record $127 million payroll to work with. Now what Williams can or cannot do may be different.

However, some extra cash isn't going to change anything for manager Ozzie Guillen, who always preaches going to battle with the 25 guys he has on his current roster.

"You know what we need? Those guys to play right and play good. I think that's my opinion," Guillen said. "(They say) we've got to go there and get this guy or that guy. But I think we just need those guys to play good and that's good enough for me."

Guillen doesn't see the need for a deadline facelift—at least if everyone does their jobs.

"If they start playing good, I don't think we need anybody else. If we are not playing good, then Kenny can go a different way."

Notice how Guillen said "if" they start playing well, indicating that there is a stock of untapped potential. Certain players like Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, and even Gordon Beckham need to start doing what they are capable of.

This week will be a huge determinant of the season's future. A 4-2 victory over the Indians on Sunday helped to set the right mood but their work is still ahead of them as they host Detroit three games, have an off day, and then welcome Boston for three and the New York Yankees for four.

"We have the chance right now to stay fighting with them," said Guillen, who knows that the Tigers series at The Cell is a big one. "These couple of games are going to make the front office decision. Are we going to move forward or what are we going to do?"

The Sox are planning to keep a close eye on Detroit and Cleveland to see what moves they will make, since they are the two teams in front of them.

Guillen did say that he has not discussed any roster changes with Williams lately, but that doesn't mean that the general manager isn't busy working the phones.

"I don't blame anyone about the decisions they are going to make," Guillen said. "They don't see the team get what we want to get, then that's the chance to do something. But that's not my department. It happens everywhere. It's why I keep saying we have to play good for the next couple of weeks because I want to keep this same ball club and take a shot."

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