Class of 2012: What's In a Name?

As college football coaches peruse and decide on which prospects they will sign starting on Wednesday, we are treated to a jackpot of glorious names. This year's top names are no exception. We think they all are fantastic. Note- if a prospect is verbally committed to a school, it is indicated in parenthesis.

—SCRABBLE players rejoice. You're getting bonus points if you can spell these names out with your tiles:

Zorrell Ezell (Baylor) is worth 30 points while Martez Shabazz (Minnesota) and Jazzmar Clax (UConn) are each worth 47 points.

—Playing football was a given for these guys: Hugs Etienne (Wisconsin), Freedom Whitfield (FAU), Faith Ekakitie (Iowa), Cassanova McKinzy (Auburn), Psalm Wooching (Washington), Destiny Vaeao (Washington State), Noble Nwachukwu (West Virginia)

—If he was elected President of the United States...

Gimel President (Auburn)

—This kid must've gotten in some heated arguments over spelling in his high school English class: Austin Grammer (Middle Tennessee State)

—How did this quarterback not get any offers? JoJo Bones (Lincoln High School, Stockton, CA.)

—Somebody's parent was a big fan of the movie "The Client": Reggie Love (Wisconsin)

—No pressure, no pressure at all for these guys: Marcus Allen (Georgia Tech), La Marcus Allen (Louisiana)

—Why sports broadcasters make coin: Jherremya Leuta-Douyere (BYU) and Halapoulivaati Vaitai (TCU)

—Go ahead, make this 6-4, 285 pounder's day: Wendy Laurent (Penn State)

—No words are needed: Win Homer (Boston College), Fudge Van Hooser (Tulane) and Paris Head (Vanderbilt)

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