NFL sets salary cap for 2012

NFL Reporter
Posted Mar 11, 2012
Aaron Wilson

The NFL announces this year's restrictions for player salaries.

The NFL salary cap has gone up only $275,000 from last year, rising from $120.375 million to $120.6 million for this fiscal year.

Teams are allowed to carry over the unused salary-cap space from last year, though.

Now, the official franchise tag and restricted free agent numbers are in:

Quarterback ($14.436 million), running back ($7.742 million), wide receiver $9.515 million), tight end $5.446 million), offensive line ($9.383 million), defensive end ($10.605 million), defensive tackle $7.96 million), linebacker $8.856 million), cornerback $10.281 million), safety $6.212 million) and kicker-punter ($2.654 million).

The restricted tenders are up five percent: $1.26 million for original round/right of first refusal, $1.927 million (second-round tender) and $2.742 million (first-round tender).

Free agency begins Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. ET.

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