VIDEO: Lopez on Game One Win

OMAHA, Neb. - Arizona's Konner Wade threw his third straight complete game Sunday night, limiting the South Carolina Gamecocks to six hits, in helping the Wildcats secure a 5-1 victory and move within a win of their first national championship since 1986. Coach Andy Lopez explains just how far his sophomore has come, and just how loose his team was behind him.

"No jitters whatsoever," said Lopez of his squad entering Sunday's matchup. "In fact, after batting practice, we go up in the clubhouse, and I'm in the kitchen going through my -- I had jitters. I don't know if they're going to talk about -- I was going through the opposing hitters, my pitching plan and what have you and all the rest."

"And God only knows what they were doing. But it was the loudest, goofiest group of young athletes I've been around in about 30 years -- what were you guys doing in there? They were playing some goofy game. I still don't -- I sat there and went, wow, these guys are kind of loose tonight."

"To be very candid with you, I have no clue what they were doing in that clubhouse, but I was in the kitchen. And at one moment I thought my God -- it was monkey noises and there's all kinds of -- it sounded like a zoo, to be real honest with you."

"So I don't think there were any jitters, to be honest with you. I think, again, it's just good to be on top, on top of a very good opponent when you're getting into the second inning."

"So I just think when you score in postseason, it just feels good to be up versus chasing runs; it's postseason."

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