Stating the Obvious

With a league leading 29 turnovers to date, nothing can stave off the inevitable, sadly it's tough to admit but the Kansas City Chiefs are the worst team in professional football. So what's next for this struggling franchise?

I can assure you of one thing this morning as the bright moon lights up my back yard, the sun will shine once again at Arrowhead. The 1-7 start by the Kansas City Chiefs will likely climb to 1-8 when the team travels to Pittsburgh a week from Monday. And then maybe the healing can begin.

Yes it's time to heal. It's time to close the wounds of mediocrity, horrific coaching, failed management and lifeless energy on the field by the wrong '53'.

It's official the city of Kansas City has a new name for it's football team, this once proud franchise has become the Cleveland Chiefs. For decades, the Browns franchise, the one that lived in Cleveland before it went to Baltimore, was as inept as it could be.

That was until Marty Schottenheimer came to Cleveland and much like he did in KC, made them winners again. But that was their only breath of life. And the parallels of the Marty years in both NFL cities, was that his teams played hard, left it all on the field and he was able to get the most out of his talent.

In Kansas City the Chiefs have Romeo Crennel, the former head coach of the Cleveland Browns, who is repeating the woeful coaching that got him fired in the city that boasts the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. In the city of fountains, where he resides now, he's taken a promising football team and turned them into one that can't get out of their own way.

Crennel is one of the greatest defensive minds in the game today. As a Head Coach though, he's one of the worst. There are only 32 of these jobs in the NFL and Crennel has to be ranked somewhere near the bottom of the list.

What he's done in that locker room this season has been as disastrous as anything his predecessor did the infamous, Todd Haley. In fact, I think I could flip a coin as to which head coach was worse in Kansas City.

And was is the key word.

There isn't a single reason for the Chiefs to consider any other options at seasons end but to let Crennel head out the door and into retirement. His NFL Days are over.

The 2012 Chiefs are as talented a bunch, injuries aside, as I've seen in Kansas City for decades. They have Pro Bowl players on both sides of the ball but don't have the coaching staff that can design a game plan that utilizes the best talents of their roster.

And that blame falls on Crennel and General Manager Scott Pioli.

I'm not even going to mention what Chairman, Clark Hunt, has to do now. If he doesn't know it at this very minute, or quite frankly, does not do what is absolutely necessary to save the franchise from complete ruins, he doesn't deserve to be sitting atop the organization.

I'm done bashing him because honestly what's the point. Everyone in the NFL can see what's wrong with the Chiefs. And fans just might turn a blind eye to the organization for the remainder of the 2012 season. Because that's really their last resort at this point.

With eight games left, after the teams lackluster loss Thursday night to the San Diego Chargers, the rest of the schedule posses an opportunity to win a few games. But I don't know of anyone who cares about that this morning.

Because all fans want now is the head of Pioli on a silver platter and to be in the singular position to have the top overall pick next April so they can draft a franchise quarterback.

But that's not enough.

If Hunt doesn't throw the vault ($10 million per season for five years) at Bill Cowher to become the teams next head coach, the Chiefs will botch their lofty draft position because in order for either college Quarterback, Geno Smith or Matt Barkley to become franchise worthy in the NFL, they need a real coaching staff in Kansas City.

Until those two things collide, the Chiefs will never rise above the ashes of what has turned into the worst season in franchise history!

Have we really become the Cleveland Chiefs or am I out of my mind?

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