Bruins Impress Winslow

The 2014 five-star wing, Justise Winslow, was one of the highly regarded visitors on campus in Westwood this past weekend. The 6-foot-6, 190-pound prospect out of Houston described his UCLA visit as a successful one...

2014 five-star wing Justise Winslow was one of the highly regarded visitors on campus in Westwood this past weekend. The 6-foot-6, 190-pound prospect out of Houston described his UCLA visit as a successful one.

"I really enjoyed it," he tells FOX Sports NEXT. "Everybody likes going to LA; it's the city of stars. The weather was nice and it's just a great city to be in, in general. It's really a prestigious school, known for their great academics, and it was an honor to be there for The Opening of Pauley Pavilion, the historic building that Coach Wooden, the best coach ever, helped create.

"I had a lot of fun on my visit. I had some academic meetings, toured the campus, and really just got to hang out with the coaches and players, which I really enjoyed."

Despite receiving some discouraging news on Friday, the Bruins were able to leave an impression on Winslow.

"I was pretty impressed by the way they played in the game," he shares. "Just considering the whole issue with Shabazz, and him not playing, you might have thought that they would have let down and not played as hard as they did against Indiana State. I thought they played well and I liked their style of play. The outcome was good, even though Indiana State got the first basket in the new building. The game was fun."

One thing that the Bruins have going for them in Winslow's recruitment, is UCLA's proximity to one of Justise's siblings. His older brother, Brandon Winslow, resides in North Hollywood.

"My brother is in the music industry and he is also Kenny Smith's assistant," he explains. "It's definitely an advantage having a family member out there, so that's definitely a plus."

Winslow's visit to Westwood was one of several recent college trips.

The small forward has been spotted on campus at Arizona, Baylor, Florida, and Texas A&M. And he doesn't plan on slowing down just yet.

"A school that I'm interested in that I haven't visited yet is Duke, so I'm going to try to get out to Duke as soon as I can," he states. "I also might try to go to the Texas/UCLA game on December 8th, because it's in Houston and both schools are recruiting me, so that should be a fun game."

The junior plans to cut down his long list of options, sooner than later.

"I've just taken a group of unofficial visits," he explains. "They went pretty well and they were all schools that I'm pretty interested in. Seeing that my season is about to start soon, I'm looking to narrow my list down so that I can really focus on my high school season. After that, maybe I can take some officials and really get down to the three schools that I really want to choose from."

When is a good time to expect a college decision from Winslow?

"I think this time next year would be ideal," he answers. "This time next year would be ideal so that I can really focus on my senior year and enjoy my time in high school."

When it comes to finding the school of his dreams, Winslow has high expectations.

"I think it comes down to a program where I can really thrive individually, but more than that, where the team can thrive," Winslow states. "I really just want a winner. I want to win a National Championship, so whichever school can give me the best chance to do that, as well as the best academic experience. I just want the best place where I can really flourish as a student-athlete."

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