Moral Victory Not Enough

When the Kansas City Chiefs took the Pittsburgh Steelers into overtime, with a last second game tying field goal, there was a glimmer of hope that the season could turn around. But in the end, the franchise killer struck once again.

I decided before I penned my latest column after the Chiefs 16-13 OT loss at Pittsburgh Monday Night, that I'd talk about some of the positives. But when Chiefs Quarterback, Matt Cassel, a hero in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter coughed up KC's 31st turnover at the onset of overtime, it was a fitting conclusion to a career that's ended its run in the city of fountains.

The Chiefs played a solid game on Monday Night. They didn't embarrass themselves but then again, they didn't win the game either. The defense played well but I was a bit perplexed as to why linebackers Justin Houston and Tamba Hali spent as much time in pass coverage, as rushing the passer.

On offense, I wondered (until overtime) why the Chiefs didn't pass the ball more in regulation. The Steelers are not terribly affluent at cornerback. But once again, Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll refused to put the rock into Cassel's hands. And based on what happened in overtime, maybe he saw the writing on the wall.

Still his bland style of offense didn't help the Chiefs grab a hold of this game when they had their chances in the second and third quarters. With the Chiefs defense bottling up the Steelers, especially after Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, went down with a game ending injury, Daboll preached the predictable.

So what are we left with this morning as the Chiefs sit at 1-8 on the season?

The Chiefs are still on pace for the top overall draft pick. Which means they're still on track to nab USC Quarterback, Matt Barkley. They're only real competition for the pick are the Jacksonville Jaguars, who might be more inclined to jump ship to Los Angeles than draft another quarterback.

As we all sit here Tuesday morning scratching our heads the effects of the Scott Pioli era still ring true. The Chiefs don't have a legitimate quarterback; they have an offensive line that has zero depth, a secondary that is weak at cornerback and only one wide receiver that can be counted on to make plays.

And lastly a coaching staff that isn't creative enough to figure out how to win a game that – at least on Monday Night – the opposing team was handing too them on a silver platter.

With all the talk, true or not, that former Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer, might be heading to the organization as a consultant (in my view that can't happen fast enough), the 2012 Chiefs are what they are and the losses will continue to mount.
Of the seven game left on the table this season, only a home game against Carolina appears to be a lock to win for the Chiefs. That means a 2-14 season and a coin flip will determine which franchise quarterback Kansas City will employ in 2013.

And this morning, that's pretty much all Chiefs fans should concern themsleves with the rest of the season.

Because after the overtime loss Monday Night, the prize is still within in reach! That is unless the moral victories turn into real ones and this organization sticks with the status quo and botches the big picture.

Did you think the Chiefs made any headway after narrow loss Monday Night?

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