Godfrey's been visible at Tulane

Brandon Godfrey never wavered after joining Tulane's 2013 recruiting class in May. Read further for an update on the John Curtis Christian offensive lineman. How many Tulane home games has Godfrey attended? When will he take an official visit? Get the answers inside...

Brandon Godfrey has been a fixture at Tulane home games, including the Green Wave's one-point win over SMU last month.

"I've been to all but one home game," he said. "I was at Tulane/SMU for the first half. I had to leave at halftime because of a family emergency. From what I saw in the first half, Tulane built a big lead and it was like a fire was under their feet. The team was not holding anything back.

"I'm planning my official visit near the end of January. I talked with the recruiting coordinator about my visit. Richard Allen and I expect to visit together on January 19th."

Four Curtis seniors - Godfrey, Allen, MLB Eric Thomas and RB Sherman Badie - are committed to the Green Wave.

Will any additional Patriots join the 2013 class?

"I think we have a better shot at getting Duke (Riley) after Sherman committed," Godfrey said. "Sherman made my day when he committed. I had been asking when he was going to commit and he did it the next Monday."

The previously-mentioned Allen set the tone in several Curtis victories with his special teams efforts. Allen (electronic 4.38 speed) is averaging well over 30 yards per punt return.

"I'm glad Tulane gave Richard a shot and he committed early," Godfrey said. "Otherwise, I think Richard would probably have a ton of offers.

"His punt and kick returns really help the offense. We've had great field position all year. It seems like Richard gets either a TD or a minimum 20 yards on every punt return."

Badie and Thomas both pulled the trigger during the first week of this month.

"(Thomas) is by far the hardest hitter on the team on either offense or defense," Godfrey said. "He, Duke and Kenny (Young) are the best 4-3 linebacker corps in the country."

Last night, Curtis roared to an early 34-point advantage in a second-round playoff game at North Webster (50-6 final).

The Patriots (11-0) will put a 25-game winning steak on the line in next week's quarterfinal matchup with No. 25 Riverside Academy.

Godfrey, Anthony Taylor and the remainder of the offensive line have paved the way for 2,666 team rushing yards (through last night).

Curtis ballcarriers are collecting 9.29 yards per attempt with 46 TDs via the ground.

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