What a sad commentary on the state of the Kansas City Chiefs. After another defeat at the hands of a mediocre foe, we find this team in (at least this season) a familiar place. Arguably the worst team in the NFL, the powers that be had better take notice.

Specifically I mean Clark Hunt. Mr. Hunt has made his choice. He has chosen to not intervene in this train wreck of a season. How he could disregard the angst of a fan base so disgusted with the progress of this team is beyond me.

For the sake of argument, I'm going to put myself in his seat. I'm spending my time in the owner's box or by this time, my stadium office wondering what has hit this organization. I'm spending millions of dollars on a general manager that can't fix this team. It's getting more obvious, game after game that my team cannot compete anywhere.

Even after a quasi-competitive showing at Pittsburgh, the Bengals embarrass me at home. My team hasn't won a game in Kansas City. As a matter of fact, my team has only won three games in the last 20 games we've played.

I'm asking myself whether or not I have a competent staff. They can't put a product on the field that will capture the imagination of this city. They cannot make one, and I mean one solid decision that results in a positive.

Every phase of the game has been affected. Even after mid-game "adjustments", the product still fails. I should be considering the overall effect on my business at this point.

I have to make decisions that can limit my losses and get my business back on the road to profitability. Right now it seems the future is bleak…

Ok, now back to commentary. After watching the fan exodus in the fourth quarter of the game, I believe I watched hopelessness in the flesh. One thing that has to stop is the inept management that has now invaded nearly the entire visible aspect of the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

There is no doubt that a full reckoning is close at hand. Clark Hunt has no choice. I don't really believe the intent was to put the worst football team on the field this year. It just turned out that way. Scott Pioli is directly responsible for the decision making in football operations. In kind, Hunt needs to remove that inability in making effective decisions from the organization immediately.

That will send a message to the team and will send a message to the fan base. As has been said time and time again, desperate times require desperate measures.

Hunt has to blow this thing up today. Watching this thing go on would be like standing and watching the aftermath of a particularly gory wreck. Morbid curiosity incarnate.

This is as bad as I've ever seen it here. I find it hard to believe that Hunt doesn't see that as well. He lived through the darks days of the 80's. Even as a young man, he had to have seen the private anxiety of his terminally optimistic father.

Lamar Hunt was the saint of Kansas City sports. His bright, affable personality kept even the most jaded observers from totally throwing in the towel. My relationship with former Chiefs players from those 80's teams has confirmed that Lamar was the consummate owner. He cared about every aspect of his team just as a doting father would even after their child has made many mistakes.

Unfortunately, most of the fan base is either there or will be there very soon. It would be truly heartbreaking to see the return of the dark days.

The lifelessness of a nearly empty Arrowhead would certainly make a statement. The damage done by an owner who doesn't care would speak even louder to the fans.

Clark, you need to make a statement to the entire Chiefs Nation that you will not sit and watch your father's legacy be dragged through the mud. You need to make a statement that, right now, changes are being made and that positive results will be achieved in the not too distant future.

That's the only choice you have.

What do you think Clark Hunt will really do with his football team?

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