Hoke expects to hear passionate fans (w/video

Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke doesn't blame opposing fans for being excited and trying to rattle his team in road situations. Saturday at Ohio State won't be any different (well, maybe a little).

As Michigan prepares to make the drive south on US-23 Friday for the season finale that's come to be know as "The Game," the Wolverines can expect to be welcomed by a significant amount of boos, plenty of nasty words, and signals typical of any rival fan base Michigan faces.

"When you go to any of those great institutions that have great passion and passionate fans—I can remember being at Oregon State and going in for the Civil War and going down to Eugene, that rivalry," said Hoke. "Obviously when we go to East Lansing. I think you get the same thing when you go to Notre Dame. They're just passionate about their team, and they don't like you—and that's okay, they're not supposed to."

Michigan routinely takes off a day early for road games after a normal Friday practice in Ann Arbor, but Hoke plans to change things up this week by heading into Ohio Stadium to allow his players to gain comfort with the scenery around them.

"We go back and forth a little bit," said Hoke. "Most of the time we practice here and then go late, but we're going to do some things in [Ohio] stadium."

Overall, Hoke has been pleased with his Wolverines' focus throughout the practice week, blocking out any distractions and honing in on whats at stake—not necessarily in the Big Ten but in the rivalry itself.

"I think this is the 109th time we've faced each other, and I think that rivalry and the excitement that follows with it and the passion that people have, I think it spills over," said Hoke.


Hoke added that outside linebacker Desmond Morgan will be ready Saturday and is competing with freshman James Ross to get the start.

As far as the quarterback situation goes, Hoke wouldn't tip his hand as to who would start, but he did say Denard Robinson has looked good throughout the week.

To watch video from Hokes brief press conference Wednesday, press play below.

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