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San Antonio, Texas, wide receiver Dannon Cavil is focused on his next opponent in the playoffs. Even so, he can't help but to let his mind wander on what lies ahead of him in the next few weeks.

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"I'm so excited about getting to Ole Miss in January," Cavil said. "I have to keep myself in check and try and close strong here before I let my mind go there, but I'd be lying if I told you I don't daydream about it daily."

First things first, as Cavil's team faces East Central Saturday in the second round of the Texas 6A playoffs.

"For the most part, our offense is pretty much unstoppable right now. Me and Marquis Warford and Byron Daniels are holding it down. Our starting quarterback got hurt about a month ago. He's out for the season because he broke his collarbone. We're basically a run-first team, and with our quarterback going down, it minimizes the throws."

Most receivers would be down about that scenario as every wideout wants to get his touches. Not Cavil.

"I just make the most of it each time the ball comes my way. It makes me concentrate that much harder, and it's allowed me to become a better blocker. I've really improved my blocking."

The 6' 4", 210-pound receiver has finally been healthy this season. It shows in his play.

"I have 28 catches for 606 yards and seven touchdowns. It feels good to be able to play a whole season. I had to sit out a year because of the transfer rule and then I got hurt last year with the shoulder injury. I feel like I fell off a lot of people's boards because my stats last year weren't all that great but now I'm climbing up the board."

The 20-plus per-catch average jumps out.

"Honestly, I'm just continuing to do what I've always done. Be explosive and make big catches. I have a new-found love for the game and playing with a lot of passion."

Cavil committed to Ole Miss in the spring and had a chance to take in his first Ole Miss game for an official visit for the Vandy game.

"It was my third trip down there but my first game to go to. I just continued to see the same things that I fell in love with it on my first trip. I have an opportunity to come in there and help them get back to the national level. I love their offensive scheme. They need some more winning pieces for the puzzle to make some more explosive plays for them. I was watching the game and when (Ja-Mes) Logan caught that ball on the last possession on the slant he made good yardage. He went about 30 yards but got caught from behind. I'd have scored the winning touchdown right there. We were all sitting in the stands talking about how we'd have taken that to the house. Logan is a great receiver but they need some more explosion at receiver to help Donte Moncrief. He can't do it all by himself. They need some guys who can catch it at its highest point and go score and that's what I feel I can do."

Cavil feels he would be the perfect compliment for Moncrief.

"They need another big-time play-maker at receiver. Donte can't do it all. (Vincent) Sanders is really improving but they need another big-time receiver so they pick their poison. They're putting a safety over the top of Donte and leaving the other side of the field wide open to make plays, but they're not taking advantage of it. I think they have such a great scheme. Even on a running play you can pass off of it. I want to be one of those options. My last 40-yard dash I ran a 4.45 but that was my sophomore year. I've gotten a lot faster since then. I love to stretch the field, and that's exactly what they're lacking right now. You put me in there with Donte, and like I said, it's going to be pick your poison."

Cavil had a chance to meet up with his future position coach, Grant Heard, at his house after the game and had a great visit.

"I went to coach Heard's house after the game. It should always be about the school and not just football but their coaches are great. Coach Freeze is real, too. It was a tough loss for Ole Miss but he came up to me after the game and took the time to show me around. He told me where his program's at and where it's going. Coach Freeze was very real to me. I know they're just a player or two away from winning those close games they keep losing. You see how much energy they play with, and they have a really talented young base of players there. They just need to add a few more."

Cavil got an early jump on his college application.

"I filled it out while I was there because I'm enrolling in January. They told me all the things I needed to get accepted, and I already had everything in place. They're going to send me my scholarship papers as soon as I graduate and then I'll sign it and come over there in January."

Cavil will be joined by a few more Texans at Ole Miss.

"Devante Kincade was also there at the game and we had a great time together. I spent the whole day and night with Devante and Christian Morgan. I've seen a lot of clips of Devante living here in Texas. He's on the television all the time. I love how he gets the ball out of his hands so early. With his explosion and getting the ball out quickly, it's going to be a lot of fun playing with him. Everyone was telling us, Devante and Cannon, we need you guys. We were like we're already coming. It was nice to be around Ryan Buchanan and Christian Morgan too. I've been watching a lot of film on Ryan and he can throw it, man. That guy has a rocket for an arm. I'm just so excited to have the opportunity to have two great passers coming in with me and they already have Bo Wallace. Christian Morgan and I were talking about that. Just how lucky we were to be coming into a scheme that they provide and having three great quarterbacks. It's a receiver's dream to come into an offense like they have. But hey, they run that rock too. It's very balanced. Mark Dodson hung out with us all day and night too. Mark is so explosive. I know he's licking his chops to get in there. He's getting to Ole Miss in December too. We might room together. It was just a great feeling getting to hang out with all of my future teammates. Like I told you before, I'm trying to keep my mind focused on my high school and trying to win a state championship but I get chills every time I think about what's in store for me."

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