Flawed Offense Sinks Chiefs

If you want silver linings with your 1-10 football team, you won't find any here. Even though the Chiefs defense gave Peyton Manning fits all day long, KC's offense continues it's futile existence.

For those that wanted to see Brady Quinn supplant Matt Cassel, the Chiefs fan base didn't get much in the exchange. Quinn was solid handing the ball off to Jamaal Charles and company. But when he had to put the ball in the air, he couldn't hit the mark.

In six quarters since replacing Cassel for the second time this season, Quinn simply doesn't have the arsenal in his right arm to move the chains through the air if the running game stalls.

That's been his knock since he came into the NFL from Notre Dame. And on Sunday against the Broncos, despite a solid job by the Chiefs make shift offensive line, he had time to make the throws. Instead he missed on passes in the flat, the middle of the field and when he tried to air out deep, he overthrew all of his receivers.

Still to his credit, he did manage to keep the Chiefs within one possession of the Broncos the entire game. And had either Head Coach Romeo Crennel or Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll, had any guts - they'd have been more aggressive using all four downs towards the end of the fourth quarter instead of relying on their defense to stop Manning from eating up most of the clock in the final minutes.

When you're sitting at the eleven game mark and you have a single victory, what do you have to lose by playing it safe. And there in line falls the flaw within this coaching staff.

Crennel lacks the offensive knowledge to override the plays being shouted out by his offensive coordinator. And Daboll simply doesn't have the skill set to put together a competent game plan or change it when it's not working.

So the Chiefs offense continues to sputter.

And honestly that shouldn't be the case. If you are truly objective, every fan at Arrowhead saw for themselves on Sunday, outside of the quarterback position, there isn't much of an overall talent gap between the AFC West combatants?

But this game falls on the offense. The Chiefs did some nice things but when you add up the play of the quarterback, the play-calling and the lack of execution - it ultimately failed in unison.

With Manning under the helm, despite having an off day, he took his lumps but in crunch time, he made the plays to regain the lead in the third quarter and to keep the Chiefs offense on the sidelines until the game clock nearly expired in the final quarter.

For the Chiefs, they continue to hold onto the hope of being rewarded with the top overall pick in April's draft. And as fortune would fall upon this franchise, there does not appear to be a franchise quarterback available worthy of such a lofty draft slot.

So in lies what continues to plague this football team in the midst of another decade of awful football. Bad luck! And right now the Chiefs have plenty of it to go around.
So will that luck change next Sunday at home against Carolina? Only the NFL God's know for certain.

Is the offense to blame for KC's 17-9 loss on Sunday?

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