2014 Bonner Springs OL "Knocking people over"

Bonner Springs hasn't been a regular stop for Division I coaches in recent years. OL Kyle Dumler could change that. An athletic, physical interior line prospect, Dumler has already started building relationships with both of the in-state schools. Go Inside to get the latest on another name to know in the Kansas City area for 2014…

Give Kyle Dumler a chance to hit someone, and chances are, he's going to enjoy it.

"Wherever," the 2014 lineman says, laughing. "On the defensive line or at linebacker, wherever coach puts me, it's fun."

"Just running at people, trying to knock them over…it's fun!"

Dumler is a 6-foot-3, 275-pound offensive lineman at Bonner Springs (KS) High School that is drawing interest from both Kansas and Kansas State.

"I went to the Kansas State satellite camp at Blue Valley High School," he said of his time with the Wildcats. "Being off campus, it was a little bit different. There were a lot of coaches there, and they were all really nice to us."

Dumler noted the staff from Kansas State spent a lot of time gathering numbers on the players there, using more of a combine approach.

"I was just trying to cling to every word they said," the lineman added.

Dumler made the trip to Lawrence to see KU take on Oklahoma State on October 13th. While he was there, he and his father, Duane, got to spend some time with offensive line coach Tim Grunhard.

"He just seems like a regular nice guy," Dumler said, nodding. "You can't even tell he's a coach. I got a chance to work with him at their camp as well, and I know he's teaching good stuff."

The visit to the Lawrence campus made an impression on the junior.

"They were nice facilities, and the team did a lot better than anyone thought they would in the game."

The game was stopped for almost an hour and a half for lightning, which provided a good opportunity for visiting recruits and their families to get a better look at the Kansas program.

"Recruits got the chance to go and hang out in a nice room," he said. "They herded us back into the room where the team eats, and they were very good hosts."

"They had the MU game on, and we were all obviously not rooting for Missouri."

Dumler plays for Lucas Aslin, second year head coach at Bonner Springs. Aslin has put a strong emphasis on the weight room, and Dumler is a fan.

"Coach Aslin runs the strength program," he said, smiling. "He works us hard. It's the best program I've ever been in. He really knows what gets the players motivated to work hard in the gym. He gets us really hyped up."

Before Aslin arrived at Bonner, Dumler was a multi-sport athlete.

"I never really gave a whole lot of effort to football until I started working with Coach Aslin," he said, smiling. "I was playing baseball, track, basketball, and football."

"When Coach Aslin showed up, I decided to go with him. He's a great coach."

Even though he's chosen to focus on football, Dumler plays multiple positions for the Braves. For him, the focus is always the same.

"It's sheer fun," he said. "Wherever coach puts me, on the defensive line or at linebacker, it's fun just running at people and trying to knock them over."

Dumler plays the tackle spot in the Braves' pistol offense. He is likely to play on the interior line at the collegiate level, which suits his taste for contact.

"Pass blocking is easlier," he said. "Run blocking, you get to smash the guy in front of you, just like on defense. If we are getting yards and getting down the field, I have no preference."

"Defensively, nose tackle is one of my favorite places. It's just so basic. You've got to smash people, no technique—it's you or him. You hit him. Hard."

Dumler is just getting started with his recruitment, but he has an idea of where he would like to be. His sister is a student at Kansas, and he has enjoyed his time on campus there.

"I'd like to stay close to home," he said. "It's always nice to have family close if something happens."

"Coach Grunhard is coming to see us soon, so we will see."

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