Two Facts

There are two inescapable facts that are essential for this team to address: The need for a franchise quarterback and effective coaching…

After a truly great effort by the Chiefs against the Peyton Manning-led Broncos on Sunday, the team still fell short. Unable to score a single touchdown, they relied on the leg of Ryan Succop. While he connected three times, the inability to score touchdowns has been the Achilles' heel of this Chiefs squad the entire season.

In reality, if it weren't for the unusual misses by Matt Prater, the score would have been even more telling of the true issues with this team. I know I have been very critical of Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt but the fact remains that it comes down to players and coaching to get the job done.

Once you commit to a direction, you have to follow through. The direction on the football operations side has not achieved significant follow through since 2010. Whoever is the general manager for the 2013 version of the Kansas City Chiefs will need to be looking for that one, single individual that has the ability to turn this franchise around.

That could come in one and possibly two different packages. The first and I believe the most important is the head coach. That individual should have the innate ability to evaluate personnel and assemble a group of assistants that can lead this team around the corner.

The other is a quarterback capable of executing the athletic and the tactical objectives developed by the head coach and staff.

Let's talk about the head coach.

There are two traits that are typical of great leaders. One is charisma. Charisma is defined as the personality power that draws people to another person. The other is leadership. Successful leadership can be defined as the ability to mold and direct people on a path that brings the group to a common goal.

We can look all around the NFL and find those individuals who have both of those traits. Possessing both is unusual but not uncommon. How an individual uses either or both will typically result in success in terms of achieving the common goal.

There are only a few of those individuals available in any given year once the post season is complete. This year is no exception. I don't believe the Hunt family is willing to go searching for someone who may already be committed either through existing employment or dedicated potential with a team.

There are a few individuals that fit the bill right now and that's who the Hunts need to be focusing on. I'm not going to go into names and records but rather focus on the big picture.

This team needs a leader that has a track record of success and the ability to inspire the players. I don't think there is a question that the Chiefs are suffering from a dearth of leadership and inspiration. Posting signs such as "Play Good Football" or "Don't Play Bad Football" are not exactly capable of producing winning efforts.

A former head coach of the Chiefs came up with the epic "We play to win the game". No kidding? That's why we play? Not exactly inspirational…

I'm being facetious.

An inspirational message is something that Vince Lombardi once said, "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all-time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing."

These are the types of things inspirational leaders say. This is what needs to be said on a regular basis and this team needs to understand. I don't like the fact that the Chiefs are in the predicament they are currently in. What I really don't like is they are not doing the things necessary to get out of the predicament they are in.

Will we see a change in the near future? From my observations, I would say yes. I don't believe the Hunts have a choice. In the world of professional football on the NFL-level, there is only one winner: The team that hoists the Lombardi trophy at the end of the Super Bowl.

This is the singular goal that the leadership of the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club should have. This is the goal their employees should have and the single goal their ownership should have. Anything less is short shrift for this city and these fans.

To quote Lombardi a final time, "Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there."

Will we see a new Quarterback and Head Coach in KC in 2013?

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