Marshall Is Waiting For His Chance

Over the summer, Travonne Marshall transferred to North Carolina powerhouse Tarboro. Now four quarters away from a state championship, Marshall feels at home and is looking to help the Vikings with their fourth state championship in a row.

Switching schools is tough for any high school athlete. However, it is even tougher when you are a senior. This summer, that is what Tarboro linebacker Travonne Marshall did. Now, he is less than 24 hours away from playing for a state championship.

"Preparation and execution has been the key to our success this season," said Marshall.

While transition has been a good one, it was not easy.

"It was a pretty tough transition for me having to come into a different environment and learn something new," he said. "But now that I have down pat, I feel comfortable."

"The toughest part was getting adjusted to the early morning workouts, all the film study, and all the preparation."

As far as recruiting, Marshall is being patient and waiting for and opportunity.

"My coach has been reaching out to college coaches and I'm waiting to hear back," he said. "But I'm just going to keep playing football and wait for my chance to come."

He is interested in a few schools.

"I would like to hear from East Carolina, Florida Atlantic, and N.C. State," he said. "East Carolina and N.C. State are close to home. I'm from Florida and the area I'm from was a couple hours from Florida Atlantic."

Marshall knows what it will take for the Vikings to be successful tomorrow.

"We just have to be prepared and execute as a team," he said. "Individually, I'm just going to have to step up and be a leader and make a lot of plays."

Winning a state championship would be a special to the senior.

"It would mean a lot to me because I've always wanted to be a state champion and I've never really gotten that chance," Marshall said. "So being here at Tarboro -- I just want to make most of this opportunity."

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