Which Chiefs Team is This?

After an impressive victory over the Carolina Panthers this last Sunday, the Chiefs came into Arrowhead sporting a 1-10 record and looked, for all intensive purposes, like a team spiraling out of control heading for the rocky depths of a professional football hell.

But you would never have known it when all was said and done. By beating a fairly high-powered squad of guys in the Panthers led by "Superman" Cam Newton, KC sent a message to the patrons of our city and the rest of the league that they are not dead but are merely in the later stages of rigor mortis.

Jamaal Charles was illustrious as usual in this game and the much maligned Brady Quinn actually appeared animated and vivacious by throwing 2 touchdowns and leading his team to a 27-21 victory over their more commanding opponents.

The Chiefs defense managed to keep Newton and the boys in check for the majority of the match and waited him out until the end of the game when, lo and behold, there were actually paid supporters of this franchise in the stands at the end of the game!

How long has it been since the bleachers were not practically cleared out by the end of the 3rd quarter as in previous match ups? Although this was no clash of the titans, it did show that all the talent that has been lying dormant for the better part of this season came to life and literally played up to their skill level, giving the fans their money's worth (though they may have only paid $5.00 for a nosebleed seat.)

I think everyone in the four state region thought that the Chiefs were done, laid out and down for the count against all remaining comers. I know I sure did. But that was not the case as Romeo and his coaching staff evidently had a heart to heart talk with all the players and one could possibly chalk this up to the need for this team to prove themselves to the world after the tragedy that transpired over the weekend involving Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend.

Might I say that my spirit and my sympathies go out to all of the people involved in this senseless tragedy. That being said, where in God's name have this particular group of guys been hiding in the past 11 games? They essentially played with a purpose and demonstrated to everyone watching that they are capable of winning and should not be counted out in any future fight that comes our way.

Now what that really means is that with a renewed vigor and a new-fangled sense of well being, if we only had another 16 games to play, we might prove to be a real terror. As we all know, that is not the case. "One game does not a season make," as the great Julius Caesar once said (just shortly after he was stabbed 24 times I might add) so it's better not to get too excited at this point.

If they don't watch out, and if they continue to play all the rest of their games as well as they played in this one, it seems very possible that they could screw up their chances for a high round draft choice and put themselves right back into the same boat next year that they are in this year. But that wouldn't be anything new and it certainly would not be the first time the Chiefs did something stupid to mess up their chances for a better team in the following year.

So for what it's worth, I feel glad that the Chiefs beat the Panthers and showed them who's boss but the fact remains that right now, to win is truly human but to lose is divine!

What does this victory mean for next season?

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