Video: Player Interviews 12/14

Kevin Noreen and Keaton Miles both touched on West Virginia's failings against Duquesne, and cited a need for improved focus as the Mountaineers prepare to take on third-ranked Michigan.

Kevin Noreen admitted that he should have done more to help West Virginia break out of its doldrums as the Duquesne lead slipped away, and was quick to include himself in the malaise that gripped the Mountaineers in their loss to the Dukes.

He also revealed that West Virginia was working hard on being more physical, and that resulted in some stitches for sophomore Voldy Gerun in the middle of Friday's practice.

Keaton Miles admitted that defending the Wolverines will be a challenge, and noted that West Virginia's defenders must be aware of who they are guarding and how much they can provide help when Michigan moves the ball to its shooters.

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