Back to the Norm

I knew that it was all too early to get excited about the "new" Chiefs team when they beat the Carolina Panthers last week. I was really hoping against hope that it was not a fluke but somewhere, deep down inside of my soul, I thought it was.

And so, my insight proved to be correct as the Chiefs went into the Cleveland Browns stadium and proceeded to get annihilated by a team that is not one of the more elite teams in the league but nonetheless, when did a team have to be elite to beat the Chiefs?

Heading into Oakland on Sunday the sit at 2-11. The Chiefs still have everything to prove in this league and only a few more games to prove something.

On second thought, what do they really have yet to prove? That they are the worst team in the whole NFL? That aside from the stellar performances of a few powerhouse players like Jamaal Charles and a select few other defensive players that the entire team and the whole coaching staff should be tossed onto a scrap heap and should begin next year anew with a completely new squad of players and coaches?

Jeez, the way that KC played last Sunday against the Browns, and quite likely this Sunday at Oakland, it is a practical certainty that my high school football team could have given them a run for their money. And they weren't even a 4A school!

Once again against Cleveland in all three phases of the game, with the exception of the initial 80 yard Charles run, the Chiefs left an extremely bad taste in this city's mouth for about the 30th time (give or take a dozen or so performances).

Whatever the Chiefs did nearly two weeks ago against Carolina, they did not have the same drive or the same ambition that they put on the field against the Browns. They returned to their old form where they were routinely beaten up over and over again. In fact, the Browns beat down was so convincing, they made the Chiefs franchise look as if they didn't belong in the same AFC quadrant.

I usually try to mix my words of skepticism in my articles with words of optimism but if there were any optimistic feats presented to the general public against what most would consider a fairly mediocre team, they are exceedingly hard to find. I guess I could have worded this particular column "Which Chiefs team is this?" just as the one last week held, but the truth is that, at least for this year (and in many, many years past) this is the Chiefs team as we know it. Bad to the bone. And I don't mean slang as in bad being good I mean bad like really bad.

In fact, the Chiefs make Kansas City look like just another cow town that isn't deserving of a professional sports team. And in some respects, they could be right.

And isn't it sad, that this team is so bad and the apathy is so low, that nobody even cares that it's, ‘Raiders Week.'

At this pace, if the Chiefs keep up their current rate of play in 2013 and 2014, and if they do not sincerely try and draft a first rate quarterback in next year's draft, they better watch out because there are plenty of other cities clamoring to have a professional football to plant in the middle of their thriving metropolis.

And these hungry municipalities have enough money to throw at owners like Clark Hunt and copious other offers like new stadiums and new apartment buildings close to the beach and other such amenities that make selling the Chiefs someday very attractive.

So I guess that the moral this story is, in the case of the Chiefs, just keep doing things the way you're doing them and the next thing you know, we'll be fodder for the suburbs of San Antonio or Los Angeles!

Has Raiders week lost it's luster in KC?

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