It's Groundhog Day!

Every single week when the Kansas City Chiefs play football, a true fan tends to think, "what can these guys do to improve their overall play and better their team in any of a thousand different respects?"

But, invariably, it ends up being something along the lines of the movie "Groundhog Day" and many times even worse. As the events repeat themselves, more than likely the Chiefs make the same mistakes they made in previous games. They made just as many blunders and gaffes they had in the past meetings and they found ways to undermine their efforts by not learning from the subsequent matches that they've lost in the past.

Such was the case again Sunday against our hated arch enemies, the Oakland Raiders. As the Chiefs met their sporting adversaries in the Black Hole of the Raider Nation, they came away looking as bad if not worse than any game they have played this entire season. To get beaten by the Raiders is always a letdown. But to get disgraced in Oakland by five field goals, simply put is a disgrace.

But the way the Chiefs have been playing this year, you'd think at some point things would change. And that it would be easier to go into an opposing team's stadium and compete with an attitude they could win. And by any stretch of the imagination on paper, this should have at least been a game that Kansas City should have managed a single field goal.

After all, the Raiders had lost six games in a row and the Chiefs had only lost one. Yet if a KC Chiefs player, you can't get pumped up by preparing to play the team you have detested beginning in the early 1960's and since the days of John Madden, you best hang up your cleats and call it a day.

As a matter of fact, after watching them play this last time, I think they should hang up their cleats and call it a season. It's getting harder and harder to watch the team I love shame themselves almost week in and week out. There is an immense amount of talent on the field and knowing that talent is being wasted, frustrates everyone

Being a columnist for Warpaint Illustrated and a humble Kansas City Chiefs fan the past 45 years, I'm convinced that if the Chiefs could somehow beg, borrow or steal to get a hold of a young outstanding quarterback, it might very well turn around the entire fortunes of this organization.

That, to me, seems more important than seeking out another great head coach or another high profile general manager. Because having a good quarterback is kind of like being a good putter in the game of golf.

Sure, if you can drive the ball really well, hit approach shots to the green and bend hybrid shots around trees to get the ball to go where you want, you might have a fairly good chance of winning your golf match. But putting is something that you have to do on every single green!

All of the great golfing legends shared one thing in common they were fantastic putters. Names such as Nicklaus, Watson, Woods, Trevino, could putt lights out when they had Majors in their sights.

Same thing applies in football.

Every single snap of the ball goes to the quarterback and every play that offense makes has to go through the hands of quarterback. And if that quarterback isn't of good quality, the team doesn't stand a good chance of winning. It's just simple math.

The better you putt, the more matches you win. Simple. The question is, when are these guys going to figure this out?

The fact is, until the Chiefs organization can grasp the fact they need a new super talented quarterback of the future, it's going to be like "Groundhog Day" every Sunday for the rest of their short careers!

Is it as simple as a franchise quarterback?

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