Bring out the Brooms

After watching the Kansas City Chiefs lay yet another egg on the field against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, all fans can do is wait for the inevitable – a season ending house cleaning

For all practical purposes, the 2012 NFL season is over for the Kansas City Chiefs. After going scoreless against the Raiders, it's clear that this team is void of the kind of effort it takes to play a competitive game in either of their final two regular season games.

It's clear to me Kansas City Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt, should not wait until seasons end to cleanout the offices of both General Manager, Scott Pioli, and Head Coach, Romeo Crennel.

Both men have been given enough opportunities to show they can right this ship. But there are no excuses left in the Chiefs PR machine to stave off their ousters, they must both go!

In Kansas City, this has gone from absurd to comical. Setting aside a lucky win at New Orleans and an emotional victory against Carolina, the Chiefs haven't been in a single game in the second half this season.

There is no excuse for the Chiefs to be playing game #14 and fail to score a single point against a Raiders defense that is decent – but are from dynamic.

Midway through the fourth quarter, they had one solid drive in the red zone that ultimately ended with a delay of game penalty and a dump off pass from Quarterback, Brady Quinn to Jamaal Charles. The other ended on fourth down after Quinn was sandwiched between two Raider defenders trying to hit a receiver in the end zone.

So what's next?

Well the future of the Chiefs sits in the hands and pocketbook of Mr. Hunt. There are already rumblings that contract buyouts with Crennel may have taken place and we've heard rumblings that Pioli and Hunt had a meeting about their future this past week in Dallas.

Thus should that Intel be accurate or just wishful thinking and should we choose to connect the dots, both men could be kicked to the curb two weeks from now.

However, that's just the house cleaning aspect of the franchise overhaul.

If the Chiefs are ever going to be relevant again, Mr. Hunt must make two bold moves. One sign Bill Polian and make him the new General Manager and then retain the services of Jon Gruden as KC's next head coach.

Anything other than that dynamic duo would be an extreme failure by Mr. Hunt to wash away the stench of the ‘Patriot Way' in Kansas City.

Sure he could hire a hot General Manager from another organization but Polian is by far the best at turning Chicken (you know what) into Chicken soup.

And with Gruden's coaching abilities and NFL stature, in short order he will sell tens of thousands of season tickets and clean out the locker room of Chiefs players who aren't worthy of wearing a KC uniform. He'd also bring with him a top of the hat coaching staff that will be able to change the Chiefs culture from losing to winning.

Four years ago we wanted change because we were blinded by the lack of championships under Carl Peterson and we were mesmerized by Pioli's hat trick of Super Bowls.

But this go round, Mr. Hunt can't whiff, like he did when he hired Pioli four years ago. He can't go with the up and coming hot candidate, who might get the Chiefs to the NFL's Promised Land. Instead he needs a General Manager and Head Coach that knows what it takes to get the job done together.

If not, this organization will sink into an abyss so deep; Arrowhead will become a ghost town on Sundays.

As fans, we've all been patient enough. We don't' want to watch a Chiefs team outplayed and outcoached on every snap the last two games of the season, unless we know that changes are afoot.

If not, we should just bask in the moves made by the franchises that actually are starting so spend the dollars to take a serious run at winning, the Kansas City Royals and Sporting KC.

Cause right now, even though the Royals just entered these shores, the Chiefs aren't worthy of being placed in their company. And until Mr. Hunt follows their lead, I can't find a single reason to care about this spiraling franchise any longer.

There seems to be little choice Crennel and Pioli need to go.

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