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Jackson Academy offensive lineman Jamaal Clayborn finished his high school career with three state championships in four state title game appearances. The talented Clayborn represented the Raiders one final time in the MAIS All-Star game to close out the 2012 season.

Jamaal Clayborn profile

"I had a good time in the All-Star game," said Clayborn. "I had quite a few pancake blocks and we won. That was the main thing.

"Coach (John) Hevesy and them came to see me in the game and he told me that I did pretty good."

Clayborn committed to Mississippi State for several reasons, but his relationship with Bulldog offensive line coach John Hevesy was one of the big ones.

The talented interior OL reports that he has remained in touch with another Bulldog pledge a great deal.

"I am touch with Deon Mix a lot," said Clayborn. "I am excited about playing with him.

"With me playing center and with him on my right, I feel like we are going to have a great relationship when we get there," said Clayborn. "I plan on working hard, so I can report around 305.

"I know the guys who work up there, get to play."

Clayborn will be throwing the shot put this spring, but he also plans to spend some time preparing for his first college football season.

"I am going to be working some with Porkchop Womack and Chaz Ramsey," said Clayborn. "I want to be as prepared as I can be.

"I feel like center is a good position for me. I have been working on it some and I am going to spend a lot of time working on all of that.

"I already make the calls for the protections in high school, so that won't really be new to me."

With his own All-Star experience behind him, Clayborn watched the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star game with great interest this past weekend.

Nine of Clayborn's future teammates took part in the contest.

"The main thing was that we didn't give up," said Clayborn of the 21-16 loss. "Things went our way for a while and then they went south.

"They stayed with it and almost came back to win the game.

"I was real proud of them."

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