As Luck Would Have It

Andrew Luck, of the Indianapolis Colts, the new rookie record holder for most yards thrown by a rookie, also proved to hold the doom card of the KC Chiefs on this final Sunday of the 2012 season at Arrowhead Stadium.

But really, if not for the uncanny knack that this rookie player holds, the Chiefs would surely have found some other way to doom themselves, which they did, and ended up losing 20-13.

Jamaal Charles really is a rushing phenom in this league. He touched the ball just 22 times and gathered up 226 yards in offense. In addition to Charles big day, Peyton Hillis managed to scrape together over 100 yards in rushing offense making this the first game since 1991 that the Chiefs have had two rushers go over 100 yards. OK, enough said about the good stuff in the game because that pretty much says it all.

The bad things that happen to the Chiefs, whether as a result of their own indecision or the other team's machismo always ends up haunting them from womb to tomb.

How often this year have the Chiefs absolutely killed their own momentum by having a great play called back as a result of a momentary lapse of good judgment by accidentally penalizing themselves or fumbling the ball. Or further, by having the QB throw an untimely interception or any of a number of other blown plays, (balls thrown into the dirt, balls dropped, balls tipped into the air…etc), gaffes and miscues prompting the entire nation to look down upon us as a professional football team and as a city as well?

Through 15 games, I'd say that number is pretty large. And just like a gigantic boulder or obstacle that blocks your path, it's a numeral that must be overcome in the coming years. It really is sad to think about the future of this team in the hands of the current people overseeing it now.

The way that I see it, why couldn't we have obtained a record holding rookie quarterback for our team in the last 25-30 years? Why isn't management realizing that the ENTIRE solution to turning this franchise around and blistering other NFL teams - is to have a great QB like Andrew Luck?

It's almost a triviality by now because the Chiefs have had almost as many blown drafts as we have had blown plays this year! Now that's just this year I'm speaking of. That does not include all the blown plays over the last 20 plus years. That would be a truly unimpressive quantity. It doesn't include the blown drafts in the last couple of decades either. That would be equally indistinctive.

This team has one more game to play in this most humiliating of seasons before we can really think about who we should choose in the upcoming NFL draft. Anything other than a promising, young upstart rookie quarterback, in my eyes would be more than lethal to this team and the city they represent.

After all, isn't all this pigskin action actually played because of the city that these guys play in on Sunday. In the end, isn't the city suffering and paying the price for the 2-14 seasons and the other mediocre records the KC teams have held in the last few decades.

The only real hope is if someone realizes that this team needs a quarterback and even if we don't draft the greatest one available in April, anyone would be a better than what we have now.

For what it's worth, may the "Luck" of the Irish befall upon the Chiefs as they struggle to regain the respect that we all held so closely in our hearts.

Can the Chiefs find some Luck in next years draft?

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