Vikings: Hottest ticket in town?

The Vikings-Packers game has playoff implications for both team, but the hottest ticket in town could be a fake.

The Vikings-Packers ticket has become the hottest ticket in town. It could be argued that Sunday's game between Minnesota and Green Bay is the most popular Metrodome/Mall of America Field ticket since Brett Favre played his first game under the roof against his former Packers teammates in 2009.

But the Vikings are warning fans that the hottest ticket in town may be a hot ticket.

In a statement Monday, the Vikings reminded fans that counterfeiters are looking to make a fast buck at the expense of duped fans. They are capable of creating fake tickets that seem like the real ones, until the fan who buys the ticket tries to get into the stadium. The majority of fake tickets are sold over the Internet and by unscrupulous scalpers that prey on the unsuspecting outside the stadium on game day.

The Vikings warn that anyone who buys a counterfeit ticket wouldn't be allowed to enter the stadium if their ticket doesn't pass the scanner test for authentic tickets and could potentially be arrested.

The Vikings cautioned that the only way to guarantee tickets are authentic are to buy them from the Vikings Ticket Office, Ticketmaster and the NFL Ticket Exchange.

Anyone who has looked at the price of tickets at reputable sales websites like StubHub! have made a painful discovery. If you want to sit up in the nosebleed seats hugging one of the posts that holds the building together, you'll likely have to drop $300 a ticket. If you want to be in the lower bowl, be prepared to drop $700. If you want a good seat near midfield, be prepared to drop $1,000 a pop.

The Ticket Exchange has more reasonable prices. You can get nosebleed seats for as "little" as $200, but someone in the 14th row of section 224 wants $10,000 for seats 9-10 (look for the people sitting there during the game).

The Vikings are reminding fans of some tell-tale signs of counterfeit tickets. The team's website lists ticket prices on the stadium map and those must match up. They also have ticket number in sequential order – a number that is printed three times in red ink. Also, very few tickets are sold on Ticketmaster stock. If you are buying tickets on the street with Ticketmaster stock, they are likely to be fakes.

There is no doubt that several Minnesotans and Wisconsinites are going to have tickets to Sunday's game in their Christmas stockings today. The majority of them will be legitimate, but be forewarned – a sound business transaction rarely begins with the phrase, "Pssst, hey buddy." There's another phrase that goes, "There's a sucker born every minute." There's still another phrase that says, "Don't be the guy" (circa Brad Childress). If you follow all three of those mantras, enjoy the game Sunday – or else you may be subject to yet another phrase, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


  • The Vikings still have the option of making the playoffs even if they lose Sunday. While the "win-and-you're-in" scenario is now in their own hands, they can still make the playoffs if Dallas, Chicago and the Giants all lose. If Dallas beats Washington and the Vikings lose, they're out regardless of what happens with the Bears and Giants.

  • Four of the six NFC playoff teams have already clinched – Atlanta, Green Bay, San Francisco and Seattle. The Redskins and Vikings are the only two teams capable of losing Sunday and still making the playoffs. If the Bears or Cowboys lose Sunday, they are automatically eliminated.

  • The defending champion Giants are clearly on the ropes in their bid to repeat as Super Bowl champions. Not only do the Giants have to beat Philadelphia Sunday, but they need the Cowboys, Vikings and Bears all to lose just to make the playoffs – a pretty tall order indeed.

  • CB Antoine Winfield suffered a "small" fracture in his hand during Sunday's win at Houston, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said. Winfield is expected to play with a soft cast against the Packers.

  • RB Adrian Peterson is still dealing with a sore abdominal muscle and could continue to take some midweek practices off, but he is expected to play Sunday.

  • DE Brian Robison will test the sprained AC joint in his right shoulder this week and a determination on this playing status will be made later in the week.

  • A reminder that Sunday's game between the Packers and Vikings has switched times as part of the NFL's flex scheduling. It will now kick off at 3:25 p.m. Central and be the featured game on FOX, with Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver on the call.

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