Mexican Standoff

When Kansas City Chiefs fans learned this morning that ownership had made a change at the head coaching position, they were partially tempered with glee until they learned that the General Manager position had yet to be vacated. But will that change soon?

On Monday morning Chairman, Clark Hunt, sent out his press release announcing he'd relieved, Romeo Crennel, of his coaching duties, the 2013 overhaul of the Kansas City Chiefs began in earnest.

And with the firing came knowledge that Hunt would hire the next head coach and then circle back to his now lame-duck General Manager, Scott Pioli, there was hope in the Chiefs nation that this ship can finally set sail again toward championship waters.

So why has Hunt has chosen to ostracize Pioli?

Because he's one unhappy owner!

When Hunt released his statement on Crennel, he made it clear that he'd not yet made a decision on the future of Scott Pioli. By stating that publicly, he basically stripped Pioli of any official duties. And for now, Pioli's only job will to continue to go into the office twice a month and pick up his paycheck. Which isn't a bad gig either.

So what really happened behind closed doors this morning at the teams offices? Hunt probably asked Pioli to step down and he probably said no. Then bantered back to his boss, if you want me out here you best fire me.

Thus the Mexican standoff began and Hunt took control of his football team.

As the morning turned into afternoon and evening, our Warpaint Illustrated Message Boards, Warpaint Facebook and Twitter followers, just weren't getting what Hunt was actually doing to his General Manager.

Hunt, by pushing Pioli aside, is basically acting as the teams General Manager and he's showing the leadership qualities that fans have always wanted to see from their owner.

And when Pioli didn't address the players this morning in the locker room along side, Romeo Crennel and Clark Hunt, it was clear the writing was on the wall. And it spells out in plain letters, at some point Pioli will be shown the door.

Hunt is actually doing the right thing. There is no question he's not happy with the moves Pioli has made in recent years. And his blood had to be boiling when rumors spread Sunday morning that Iowa Head Coach, Kirk Ferentz, would become the next Chiefs coach, it didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who leaked that information to reporters around the NFL.

Then when reports circulated later in the day that Pioli may stay in Kansas City, I'm sure Clark Hunt had heard enough. As his blood was boiling over the erroneous reports, I'm sure he'd decided to make that point perfectly clear to his still employed General Manager in their meeting Monday morning. I'm sure during that exchange this morning that Hunt made it clear to Pioli, that he's the sheriff of this team and he's the only man in this town that's going to be talking about the future of the Chiefs.

Now that Clark Hunt holds all the cards; Pioli is still going to get his $7.5 million in 2013. That is unless, he and Hunt can come to terms on a buyout, that would allow Pioli to immediately begin to shop his services elsewhere.

But that's only going to happen if Hunt wants it to. And by telling local media on Monday, he hopes to have the operations side of the Chiefs completed by the first of February, the potential landing spots for Pioli will fall somewhere between slim and none around the NFL.

And that's Hunt's way of saying to Pioli, what he's done in four years isn't good enough. What it tells the fans is that Hunt is back in charge and will be hands on until he's convinced the right people are in place to restore the Chiefs franchise back to the top rung of the Kansas City sports landscape.

When Pioli arrived four years ago he was the toast of the NFL. On Monday, his owner roasted his future in Kansas City and probably shot down any chance he can work in the same capacity in any other NFL city for quite sometime.

Those actions tell me Clark Hunt is finally ready to assume the throne that his father, Founder Lamar Hunt, gave him years ago.

And that should make all Chiefs fans smile today knowing he's back in charge of the organization and Pioli will have zero say on the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

So Happy New Year Chiefs fans, because its time to celebrate the fact in 2013 a new Hunt has risen to reign over our beloved sports franchise.

Very shrewd move by Clark Hunt to stick it to his General Manager.

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