MWC Realignment and UTSA

Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson said they wanted to start the new year with a bang and he was spot on. Getting Boise State to stay out west will have a serious domino effect and will usher in the newest rendition of conference realignment, 2013 style.

Other programs that been named as possible targets for addition to The MWC are: Houston, SMU (the latest new names to surface) Tulsa and UTEP. All four are currently in Conference USA. There is a strong possibility that the Mountain West also retains San Diego State.

A source was able to confirm to IRS that the Mountain West has not been in recent conversation with UTSA for expansion and, this time around, it would be very unlikely an invitation for membership would be extended.

Multiple sources have confirmed to IRS that discussions between Tulsa and the Mountain West are ongoing, but preferred not to make any further information public.

A UTEP source confirmed that while the Miners are happy in Conference USA, they are keeping their options open with the always changing landscape. Future changes could occur within a few weeks.

This past April, the Mountain West was one of three conferences that extended an invitation to UTSA. However the circumstances were quite different than what the MWC faces today.

Keeping Boise State, along with additions of Utah State and San Jose State for 2013, means the MWC will be an 11 team football conference. Thompson concluded his interview by saying that 11 is an odd number and that the MWC is in serious discussions with a number of other programs for possible expansion.

This past spring, both SDSU and Boise St. made it known that they would be leaving the Mountain West. The reports of Air Force also seeking departure from the conference forced Thompson into action. Now eight months later, the MWC appears to be in the drivers seat keeping Boise St. with San Diego State Back in discussions to remain as well. Furthermore, the potential of adding more programs with sizable TV markets leaves the Mountain West in an enviable position.

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