Poggi & #1 LB Reuben Foster Talk UM (Part 2)

In part two of GoblueWolverine's exclusive interview with Michigan commit Henry Poggi and the nation's top MLB, Reuben Foster the duo talks further about the possibility of being teammates in Ann Arbor. In addition Foster discusses the likelihood of visiting Michigan and Poggi addresses rumors suggesting he will visit Alabama.

Poggi visiting ‘Bama?

In the aftermath of a report surfacing yesterday indicating 2013 Michigan defensive end commitment Henry Poggi had an official visit set up with the No. 2 team in the nation, Alabama, the Maryland native was ready to set the record straight with his own words.

"If I were to go its nothing to do with football," Poggi told GoBlueWolverine. "I'm just going to visit with my friend Cyrus if I were to go. It would be the same thing as me visiting my brother out in Iowa --- which I've already done. The coaches are ok with it if I decide to do it."

"I'm 100 percent to Michigan now and so is my boy Reuben so we'll see."

Down in Orlando to compete in Friday's 2013 Under Armour All-American game at Tropicana Field, Poggi is spending his time away from the practice field hoping to convince his friend and No. 1 ranked middle linebacker in the class of 2013, Reuben Foster, to give Michigan a chance and possibly head up to Ann Arbor with him in the near future.

"I think they know Reuben's an okay player," said Poggi laughing. "I think they know that. We just have fun out on the practice field. I think we know we'd have a lot of fun together."

Poggi's recruiting pitch for his buddy Foster is simple.

"They'll take care of him and we'll have a lot of fun," said Poggi. "We'll be good too so it's a good position I think."

Once Foster and Michigan begin having more conversations, the 6'1, 240 pounder says it’s likely he'll get up to Ann Arbor for a visit at some point before signing day.

"I don't know but the odds are pretty darn good cause I'm cool with his dad that I just met this week --- very cool with him," said Foster.

As for the most important factors leading to Foster's signature a month from now, the tackling machine believes family comes first.

"Family, man," said Foster. "Somebody who has got good tradition, work hard --- who's going to get me to the next level to take care of my little girl. Somebody who cares about me and my family not just football."

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