Andy Reid's Next GM?

With a plethora of options ahead of him, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid, may have an eye for a new General Manager? So who are these guys now that we know the team has parted ways with Scott Pioli?



1. Tom Heckert (Free Agent) - My understanding is that he covets the New York Jets job but isn't a big fan of Rex Ryan. But he could work with Ryan for one year and then dump him at the end of 2013. If that happens, that would open the door for the organization to make a serious run at Bill Cowher.

Andy Reid would like to have Heckert in KC in some role and was given assurances by Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt, that if Heckert does not the get the GM job in New York or assume that official role in Kansas City, he would have a place on KC's Personnel Side. My guess is that he will become V.P. of Player Personnel.

2. Tom Gamble (49ers) - I was a bit shocked to learn that Reid wanted to talk with Gamble. To me, he's the brightest mind out there and would be a terrific General Manager under Reid. He's done an insanely good job with the 49ers. And he like Heckert, will meet with the NY Jets on Saturday but I'd think if Reid's interest grows, that Gamble would view KC as a much better fit than working with a lame duck Head Coach! He's also been mentioned as a candidate in Jacksonville.

3. John Dorsey (Packers) - He's the top choice of Andy Reid and I'm told through a pair of sources that if he wants the GM Job in KC it's his.

Dorsey is the hottest commodity out there but there are reports the Packers are holding firm to refuse all interview requests until their ousted from the Playoffs, which could be this weekend by the Vikings!

Either way he appears to be the top man on Reid's wish list. And considering that Dorsey's wife is a graduate of the University of Kansas plus her ties to local law firm, this hire appears to be the same no brainer for the organization as the one that just made Andy Reid the Chiefs next head coach.

SUMMARY: Since one of these three men is likely going to become the next Chiefs General Manager and the Scott Pioli reign of terror has ended in Kansas City, it appears that Andy Reid is in complete control of the Chiefs going forward.

Lastly, major props to Chairman Clark Hunt for the way in which he handled his departure with class and decisiveness showing the Chiefs Nation that he means business in 2013 and beyond.

Which GM do you want in Kansas City?

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