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Before meeting with the local media on Monday afternoon, new Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, discarded a few coaches, interviewed others, met with a potential GM candidate and thus began what will be a crazy first month on the job.

When news broke over a week ago that Chairman, Clark Hunt, was looking for a true leader with championship experience, it became clear that only one man on the open coaching market would fit that criteria.

And after Monday's news conference, it was clear that Andy Reid was the only man to fit the bill for the Chairman as he takes control of his struggling franchise. Its cliche but what a difference a week makes. After the doom and gloom of the 2012 season, one that Hunt himself called very difficult on everyone associated with the Chiefs, he has very quickly changed the power structure and turned the reins over to Reid in hopes he can guide his football team back to an AFC power.

"I knew that I wanted a proved leader who has built a successful program; I knew I was looking for an effective communicator, teacher and someone with a high football I.Q. and a strong work ethic. Finally – most importantly – I wanted a man of integrity, who would hold himself and those around him accountable to get the job done. What I didn't know when I laid out those criteria last week was that I was effectively describing Andy Reid," Clark Hunt said gushingly about his new head coach.

When the two day interview session finally ended last Thursday morning in Philadelphia, both Andy Reid and Clark Hunt, found enough common ground that the Chiefs new head coach was hoping he'd get the job in Kansas City.

That hope became reality last Friday when the two sides swiftly worked out a five-year deal that will make Reid one of the games highest paid NFL coaches. In taking on that financial risk, Hunt has made it clear that he believes Reid was well worth the price.

For Reid, coming to Kansas City was no fluke. This was a job he coveted and one that he believes serves his talents well to wash away the stench that has hovered over this franchise the last couple of seasons. But it was his respect for the Chiefs fan base and the Hunt family that ultimately brought his incredible;e resume to this football team.

"When Clark called – I have been in this league a long time – and there are certain families that stand out. The Hunt family is just top; they are phenomenal, phenomenal people. When Clark is the CEO and Chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs, when he called, he immediately had my attention.." Reid said.

"I completely understand his values and the organizational values which he possesses. The fan base here is phenomenal; I came from a fan base that was tremendous. The Kansas City Chiefs fan base – there is nothing like the sea of red. I had an opportunity to play here and play against the Chiefs, and it is tough. I can't wait to invite other teams in to be challenged by the Chiefs kingdom; it is a great environment."

With those pleasantries in hand, Reid made more media visits then went back into his bunker to continue the process of finding new coaches to fill the ones that opened up earlier in the day. He, along with Clark Hunt, continue to interview General Manager candidates, that could result in that position being filled in the next day or two.

Now that the honeymoon phase is over and Reid has already rolled up his sleeves changing the culture in Kansas City, it's important as Chiefs fans to understand, that this 14 year veteran head coach comes to our team with a plan, direction and passion that we've not seen around these parts in a long time.

Sure one can question Reid's coaching ability and in coming to Kansas City he works under a new power structure, unlike anything else he's experienced in his coaching career. But one thing you can never question about this hire, Hunt and Reid are on the same page.

And that's something this organization hasn't done since Carl Peterson plucked Marty Schottenheimer away from the Cleveland Browns back in 1999.

This hire feels very similar to me. And as a Chiefs fan, I'd have to say that for the first time in the last decade, this organization has two men who have learned from their mistakes and our ready to lead our beloved franchise to a place fans dare not to dream just a week ago.

How quickly can Andy Reid turn the Chiefs fortunes around?

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