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UW Recruiting at a Glance

Is Patrick Enewally a missing piece?

It's easy to spout of some pithy formula for success when it comes to football. The hardest thing is getting it to work with your roster full of athletes. You get a total of 85 scholarships to allocate across your roster, so you have to spread them in such a way to where you balance depth, age, projection, and of course, talent.

You need to be able to have all of those in order to have sustained success. Depth is obvious. You need this to ensure that you can recover from injury. Thank GOD the Huskies took seven offensive linemen in 2009, or this year would've been a mammoth disaster in the trenches. While they struggled to keep Keith Price upright, they were able to open good holes for Bishop Sankey to run. With the... Recommended Stories


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