Dorsey Brings Rock Star Talents to KC

In the NFL if you work hard, make good decisions that produce winning results that when the right job comes along, you'll ultimately get it. That appears to be the case with KC's new General Manager, John Dorsey.

When we first told you last Monday that Green Bay Packers Director of Football Operations, John Dorsey, was going to be tabbed as the Kansas City Chiefs next General Manager, the fan base was buzzing.

Dorsey comes to the Chiefs after nearly two decades on the personnel side in Green Bay; he comes to Kansas City with a vast wealth of experience that first began as a linebacker with the Packers in the 80's.

And being part of one of the NFL's premier franchises that as a player and personnel man, he's the perfect fit to step out of the shadows in that regard to filling the void that was left behind with the departure of Scott Pioli.

If there was one failure under Pioli's watch in Kansas City, he had a difficult time evalutating college talent. That's not the case with Dorsey. On his watch, he's been part of the decision to draft, Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, local Kansas State product Wide Receiver, Jordy Nelson, and nose tackle, B.J. Raji, to name just a few.

With Dorsey's eye for evaluating and drafting talent, mixed with the core of players that already exist on the Chiefs roster, new head coach Andy Reid, knows that Kansas City has hit this hire out of the park.

In short order, Dorsey will add his talents in trying to insure he can duplicate the draft success he's had in Green Bay. For the most part, if the Packers organization drafts you; those players get on the field regardless of the rounds in which you were plucked.

The reason the Packers have been so successful is that they identify their needs and are always rebuilding their roster to add both starters and their back-ups. And under Dorsey, that's been his hallmark.

And that's why this hire makes so much sense for the Chiefs. In Green Bay, Dorsey had the benefit of one of the games premier head coaches in Mike McCarthy. Now in Kansas City, he knows that even if he takes a flyer on college kid, that Andy Reid, much like McCarthy did in Green Bay, he can coach them up and turn them into productive players on the field.

In Kansas City, we overheard the words ‘right 53' and for the most part each time we did, it tended to upset the Chiefs nation.

It's safe to say over the last four years the Chiefs have failed to measure up in regards to getting the most of the NFL Draft, and for that matter, the same could be said in Free Agency. The latter aside, if you want to be a successful franchise that can become a repeat division champion, like the Packers, you must build your core through the draft.

And with the first overall pick in April, Dorsey and Reid, have a plethora of options that should insure that their first draft together in Kansas City, will be the foundation for better things to come in 2013 and beyond.

I have no doubt the combination of Andy Reid and John Dorsey is going to be successful in Kansas City. These are two men who are not only friends but in rebuilding the image of the Chiefs, they each understand how to execute their plan and what it's going to take to insure the personnel and coaching blunders of the past, won't be an issue moving forward in this town ever again.

In less than two weeks, the Chiefs organization has gone from the depths of obscurity to landing the Premier free agent Head Coach and one of the brightest personnel men in the game today. And that happened because Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt, would not settle for anything but hiring the very best of men. And by committing to real change in Kansas City, suddenly the Chiefs have become the team to beat this off-season.

Can John Dorsey duplicate in KC what he did in Green Bay?

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