Sun Devils Exceed Jack's Expectations

Bellevue (Wash.) four-star linebacker, Myles Jack, took his second of five official visits this past weekend...

Bellevue (Wash.) four-star linebacker, Myles Jack, took his second of five official visits this past weekend.

The current UCLA commit ventured to Tempe, Ariz., in order to check out what the Sun Devils have to offer. Jack liked what he saw, on and off the field.

"It was better than I expected it to be," Jack tells FOX Sports NEXT. "With what I want to do with Communication, they're like third in the country when it comes to that major and The Walter Cronkite School. I can get internships pretty early, and I liked that a lot, just as far as post-football options go and everything.

"Football wise, the coaches are really cool. I'm really tight with my position coach, Coach Randolph. Coach Graham, he's a very honest man, a spiritual man, so I liked that about him. He's a man of his word. Even the players around there said that about him."

Jack continued to rave about his experience at Arizona State.

"The team is cool," he states. "I got to kick it with the team and I can relate to them. It was a lot better than I expected. Where they put me, at my position, it's a perfect fit for me."

The Devils pulled out all the stops for the four-star linebacker, including pairing him with host, Will Sutton.

"That was really cool, because he's like a celebrity," says Jack. "Walking around campus with him was cool."

The two also had some time to bond and talk football.

"The highlight of my trip was hanging out with Will Sutton," Jack shares. "That was really cool. I got to talk to him about why he came back. He really believes in the program and he trusts the coaches. He really believes that they can win the PAC-12 and even be National Champions, and I believe him too."

Sutton is not the only one who would enjoy seeing Jack in maroon and gold.

"My mom graduated from ASU and she thinks it's a good fit for me," Jack admits. "She likes it there. She's all for it if I want to go to ASU. And my dad went there as well, so they liked ASU and they enjoyed their time there. They wouldn't mind if I carried on the legacy."

Jack has three more official visits left before making a final decision, but this past weekend, the Sun Devils moved forward in their campaign for the prospect.

"They impressed me with what they have to offer," Jack explains. "It fits me perfectly. That's why I'm taking these officials, just to see which schools fit me, and ASU is one of them.

"I'm looking forward to my visit to UCLA, just so I can compare and contrast, but at ASU, there is nothing I could complain about."

Jack is scheduled to visit UCLA on January 18th, Washington on January 25th, and Oregon on February 2nd. He took a visit to Utah on December 14th.

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