Spearman On Top Five

2013 Simeon (Ill.) High linebacker Reggie Spearman is a hot commodity on the recruiting trail -- and talks about his top five and a decision date inside.

Recruiting has showed no signs of slowing down for Chicago Simeon senior linebacker Reggie Spearman.

"I am at the point where I am breaking down the schools," Spearman said. "Learning more and holding off until signing day. All the schools I am talking too I very interested in right now."

He added with a laugh, "I didn't think I would be one of the only seniors waiting until signing day to decide in the area, but people I trust are telling me to wait it out. So that is what I am doing."

And for Spearman there are five at the top of his list.

"Right now it is Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and Purdue that I am interested in," Spearman said. "I would hear other schools out and what they have to say but as of right now these are my top five."

Spearman has visited Illinois and Iowa, and has several other visits coming up before signing day.

"I am planing on visiting Minnesota this weekend coming up and Purdue sometime before signing day," Spearman said.

And at this point, Spearman has a pretty good idea of what he is looking for come signing day.

"The recruiting class is a big part of it, I want to win and win a national championship and I want the people coming in with me to be on the same page," Spearman said. "And I am also looking for a place that feels like home."

Spearman also broke down his top five, starting with Illinois.

"Illinois is close to home and I have relatives that went there," Spearman said. " A lot of my classmates are going and the recruiting class is really nice, it is just a great place overall."

Spearman has similar feelings about the Hawkeyes.

"Iowa is also a great place and it's definitely al football state," Spearman said. "Coach Ferentz is a great coach and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I talk to the coaches a lot and we touch base a lot. Plus, the recruits are great people."

Another on his list is Minnesota.

"I hear a lot about the Gophers," Spearman said. "I respect Coach and his work ethic, and the bowl game was a great game. I was keeping up with them during the season and I have a lot of questions to ask them on my visit and I will see where it goes from there."

Next up from Spearman's list is Purdue.

"Purdue has been up there, then they kind of waved off then the new coaching staff saw my film and jumped on it," Spearman said. "I have former teammates that go there that I am tight with Robert Gregory who goes there, so it would be pretty nice to get back on the field with him."

Also on Spearman's radar is Indiana.

"I really like Coach Wilson and the staff, Indiana is a great place and I want to major in sports management and the are one of the top programs int he nation," Spearman said. "That is pretty big for me."

Although Spearman didn't envision himself waiting this long to make a decision, he knows he will make the right one come signing day.

"I am waiting until signing day because I want to make the best choice, everyone has a lot of different things to offer," Spearman said.

And with that, the race until signing day is on.

"I have no leader, anyone in my top five could be number one come signing day," Spearman concluded.

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