Time to Roll up the Sleeves

With a new head coach in the fold and a new general manager, the Kansas City Chiefs have found a pair of men, that won't stop until they get the job done.

Though he didn't come across as a man that was about to tip his hand, as the kind of team he's going to put on the field in 2013, new General Manager, John Dorsey, made it clear, he always wanted to be a part of the Chiefs family.

In his opening press conference, Dorsey came across as a man who probably has seen about everything one can see in this business called the NFL. And that means the Kansas City Chiefs have a man who has proven he can select Super Bowl winning talent in every round of the draft. And more so understands what type of free agents can impact the roster.

Over the last four years, it's been pretty ugly drafting players in Kansas City that have made an impact on the field. And though Dorsey made it clear, the franchise under his watch, will draft first to build its core and then spend wisely through free agency. And when that's done, he won't stop there until he uncovers every rock of talent to find the best players for the Chiefs.

And it's going to take that kind of mentality and determination, as he hit the ground running Monday afternoon to do just that.

But before we can even think about adding players to this roster, Dorsey has to decide which of his big three free agents he can retain. That means in the next couple of days, Dorsey has to make decisions to pay wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, left tackle Branden Albert and Punter Dustin Colquitt.

When I asked at Monday's press conference about those three players in particular, he said to ask him again in three days. So I'll get back to you on that one.

Don't get me wrong, the three players in question are important to the future of the Chiefs on the field and off. If Bowe isn't retained, the Chiefs will get a lofty draft pick in 2014 should he get a good offer from another NFL team in the spring. But to get Bowe signed, he's going to have to fork over some serious money.

As far as Albert goes, his back issue is likely going to cause some angst in Dorsey re-signing him to a large contract as a left tackle or a possible move to guard. However, Colquitt, the best of the bunch of KC's internal free agents, has to be retained.

After that's settled, things could get a little dicey for both Dorsey and Reid. Once the coaching staff is in place by the end of the week. The Chiefs have very little time to make some hard decisions in regards to some of their other personnel who are under contracts for 2013 and beyond.

With the Senior Bowl hitting the ground running on Monday, NFL coaches, executives and agents will litter the hotel lobby to exchange notes, pleasantries and a plethora of ‘what if' scenarios that will begin to lay the groundwork in Mid-March when free agents begin their cash grab magical mystery tour in all 32 NFL cities.

For the Chiefs, they are going to have to buy some players in March to make this roster better and more competitive this season and next.

With the Denver Broncos losing in the AFC Divisional round over the weekend with an aging Peyton Manning, the San Diego Chargers still without a head coach and the Raiders looking toward the NFL league office to bring in someone to fix their ailing franchise, the dynasty that the Chiefs want to create, begins today.

There has never been a time in recent memory that there are so many questions about the AFC West division. And the Chiefs, being first out of the gate to clean house and find more competent replacements, certainly have raised the divisional bar jumping out of the gate in landing their top two targets since Black Monday began.

That means the Reid/Dorsey or Dorsey/Reid era must leave Kansas City on Sunday with a plan in place that includes a strategy to re-sign their own free agents, put together their cut list of current players who won't be part of training camp this summer, begin their free agent wish list, and if that's not enough, start building their draft boards.

In less than two weeks, the Kansas City Chiefs have climbed out of the apathy crater they'd lived in all season with their fans. Now they have men a top the organization, Chairman Clark Hunt and President Mark Donovan included with the two new hires, have already begun the franchise rebuilding process from the top on down.

But as sexy as these hires are to Chiefs fans, they all know that on this day, none of that really matters. Because, if these group of men don't continue to role up their sleeves and stay on the same page, the job in Kansas City won't get done.

Luckily, unlike four years ago, it would appear that these are some highly motivated and competent men, willing to check their egos at the door, work tireless hours and make better decisions about personnel on the field, so Chiefs fans off the field; can be as jubilant at seasons end, as they appear to be in January after these home run hires.

And if the fans see that with their own eyes, perhaps they can dream about playoff games at Arrowhead or better yet, maybe they'll believe, that after four plus decades of failing to play in the big game, that something Super might be within arms reach.

How long will it take John Dorsey to get KC back on the playoff track?

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