Hero Time?

Any way that you want to look at things change has occurred within the Chiefs organization. The demands of the fan base were clear and precise, they wanted a real transformation. Well thanks to their owner, they got one.

The Kansas City Chiefs fan base is always evolving. Whether through its simplistic view for a winner or imagined events that modify those beliefs that someday their team can be competitive in 2013 and beyond.

Just look at the clusters of occurrences that have happened recently and not so far in the dim past as guide posts to bring our squad into the realm of today and to make them the whole football team that all of us here in KC certainly deserve.

And with changes such as Head Coach Andy Reid and General Manager John Dorsey, on board in Kansas City, one can hope that we can relive the yesteryears in modern times. But to do that, we need to go back to our roots.

When I was a kid there was no better place to go with my family than to see a live football game at the old Municipal Stadium on Brooklyn. The franchise, which began as the Dallas Texans, made the move to Kansas City, because their owner, Lamar Hunt, uprooted the franchise from the paralysis of the NFL's ability to look into the future of the game. So he made the Chiefs the centerpiece of the AFL.

This mogul, who would later become an Icon in Kansas City, fought, scratched and funded the under appreciated endeavor in the AFL despite significant opposition by such staunch NFL teams like the Baltimore Colts and the ever-powerful Green Bay Packers.

But for Lamar Hunt, in order to do have the funds to form the new league and brings the Chiefs to Kansas City, he had a family choice to make.

Lamar did not do was follow his brothers, Nelson and Bunker into the financial folly of trying to corner the silver market in the 1950's. Instead, he used his riches to form the AFL and introduce Kansas City to a brand of football that would forever change the game.

That was an era of gumption that has long been gone but as Chiefs fans, we still wonder, if this franchise can walk again with the same swagger now as they did in the 60's.

As I look back and wonder what on God's green earth, what gave me the impression that the Chiefs could ever win another Super Bowl in my lifetime or the lifetime of my children.

Oh, we certainly had our moments after our Super Bowl IV victory over the Minnesota Vikings with the likes of Joe Montana, who blessed us with his presence and led us to the first round of the playoffs. Or when the late Derrick Thomas sacked anything in his path to make KC's defense the best in the NFL. Or more recently under Quarterback, Trent Green, who guided our boys to a 9-0 start only to be beaten back by the Colts in the playoffs.

Yes, the love of KC comes right along with many precious memories but that only lends us to commemorate our beginnings and to expect ever-greater things out of our pro football team. Does that mean that the only thing standing in the way of glory is the success of our new head coach and general manager?

And did this current change, happen because the precious regime simply could not get out of their own way? Sure that's possible.

So as we embark on the 2013 off season, the generation of fanatical fans must be patient under the new team Chairman, Clark Hunt has put together. After all with such a high level of mediocrity filtering through the organization the last four years, we fans tend to believe our suffering (as bad as we may want it) might not be over yet.

And, so, just like the famous Charlie Brown who attempted to kick the ball from under the scrutiny of the ever wary Lucy Van Pelt, the time has come for the Chiefs fans to decide whether they can root for these new heroes or not.

Because, haven't each of you wondered, what would have happened had Charlie Brown really kicked the ball in that cartoon?

It appears with Hunt, Reid and Dorsey in charge now; we're about to find out.

Will Hunt, Reid and Dorsey turn the Chiefs into new chapter of success?

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