Cox: "Southern Miss Is Home"

James Cox was one of six visitors on campus this weekend. This afternoon he detailed the visit with and gave insight into his future at Southern Miss.

James Cox recommitted to Southern Miss after opening up during the coaching change. Once he has gotten to know the new coaching staff, he's more sure than ever that he has made the right decision.

He took in a weekend visit along with five other prospects.

"We ate, and ate, and ate, and ate," Cox said when first asked of the weekend.

"It was great man. I loved the entire weekend. We ate at Letha's, and I'll tell you, that's the best BBQ I've ever had and I'm up here where we have Dreamland."

It was not all food, though, that had Cox excited.

"We were able to see the dorms which was the first time for me to see those," he said. "Also, we got to see a lot of Hattiesburg. My Mom was with me and it made her feel good to know I'd be in a place that would take care of me.

"We just both love the family feel of campus and the school in general. Everyone is so friendly, and makes you already feel a part of the family."

Cox also enjoyed the time getting to know Coach Arroyo.

"Coach wants to use me as an outside receiver," he said. "But, Coach Monken told us all that in this offense you have to learn every position, because he likes to interchange you, and if someone goes down you might have to fill in that spot.

"I want to study it and know it well so I can be ready to play anywhere when called upon."

Cox said he was hosted by Dominique Sullivan, a player who he feels very comfortable with already.

"I hate to even call him a host, because he's already like a mentor to me," he said. "Dom showed me what its like to be a freshman and what I'll have to adjust to. We are very tight, and I am excited about him being a guy to really help pull me through it.

"The strength coach was impressive, and he's already instilled a lot of discipline. He said he was going to make me bigger and faster, and of course that gets me excited."

Cox joined Christopher Robinson, Rod Crayton, Jalen Square, Nick Mullens, and Cade Hoffman on the visit.

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