Shocking Scenes

From the notebook of a sportswriter who was shocked by two different scenes on his TV this past week:

* And, no, one was not the impressive play of Ziggy Ansah on Saturday.

* Well, wait a minute. Maybe Art Rooney II being at the Senior Bowl did have something to do with the game's best pass-rusher.

* Yes, that was the first shocker, seeing the Steelers' owner on the sidelines in Mobile, which is certainly not a vacation destination.

* And Art II is no scout, either, but there he was, talking to Mike Tomlin on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

* Notice that when Art tells the media something at the end of the season it normally comes to pass, and this year he said he wanted to see more pressure on the QB.

* So was he down there pointing Ansah out to Tomlin? Was he telling Tomlin that it's OK to draft a 24-year-old in the first round this year? Or was he merely there for the interviews of the prospective assistant coaches?

* I'm assuming we'll find the latter to be the case early this week.

* I could be wrong, but I don't remember Dan Rooney ever showing up in Mobile.

* Just hope that it had nothing to do with the drafting of any of those awful quarterbacks. Yes, the Steelers do need depth at the position, but not those guys. Please no.

* E.J. Manuel, the game's MVP – (they had to give it to someone on offense, I guess) – looks like every fifth-round QB Kevin Colbert has ever drafted. In fact, he looks like he should've been at the training-camp tryout a few years ago with Byron Leftwich and Daunte Culpepper.

* In all seriousness Manuel will be gone by the end of the third round. Landry Jones is now the fifth-rounder in question.

* Every year I like to think I can spot someone with the magic required to win as a QB in the NFL. Last year I was on the Russell Wilson bandwagon, and the year before I pushed for Colin Kaepernick. Understand, now, that I pushed for each in the fourth, fifth and sixth-round range and that never came to pass, so I'm not trying to come off as any kind of genius.

* I'm just trying to say that QB is not about size, arm and mobility. The man has to have the magic that Manuel does not.

* Of course, Kellen Moore had that magic coming out of Boise State, but you do need a bare minimum of arm strength.

* Or, as it's being called these days, "arm talent."

* That phrase really needs to go away.

* Now.

* I had hoped to watch WR Quinton Patton at the Senior Bowl, along with a couple of safeties: Jonathan Cyprien and Phillip Thomas. And I saw nothing from them because the QBs were so damn stinkin' bad.

* "Check, check, check(down). All night. They trapped me," to quote Teddy KGB from "Rounders."

* Cyprien did get over to blow up both the WR and CB on a rare, late, deep throw from beanpole Mike Glennon. That safety's a big, bad man, and even though he wasn't tested in the game Cyprien may still have moved up to become the No. 2 safety in the draft behind Kenny Vaccaro.

* I wrote last week that I would like to see this draft scenario unfold for the Steelers: trade down for WR Patton in 1st, DE/OLB Corey Lemonier in 2nd, and RB Mike Gillislee in 3rd. With the extra third-round pick take Cyprien or another safety such as Thomas or D.J. Swearinger.

* What I like about Patton is that he runs polished routes and comes off as a mature self-starter.

* Patton will turn 23 before the season, and that's not the Steelers' M.O., but the worry about drafting, say, the 21-year-old DeAndre Hopkins is the lack of leadership in the Steelers' WR room.

* Before the season I wrote that it looked like the money went straight to Antonio Brown's head. I could've been wrong, as my many dissenters insisted, but that was my gut instinct.

* And I do realize that Emmanuel Sanders is a smart guy. Still, I worry that he's too smart for his own good, only because he seems to have a natural dislike for sportswriters.

* Hey, not that I can blame him. And he does come around after initially turning me down. But a friend of mine said that Sanders had pushed him in the locker room after writing an unflattering note about him the previous week.

* Sanders may turn out to be a smart, hard-working and outstanding receiver, but if he's the mature one in the room, let's just say I have some concerns about the room.

* Lemonier has that sculpted linebacker's build of an Otis Wilson or a Jason Gildon and would make for a perfect second-rounder to groom as Jason Worilds and Chris Carter get their opportunities. That's if the Steelers don't draft a pass-rusher in the first round.

* Dion Jordan is becoming the consensus mockster's choice for the Steelers in the first round. The last I saw of the 6-foot-6 pass-rusher from Oregon he was lowering his injured shoulder for a two-point conversion early in his bowl game. Now he's out of the post-season workouts with that torn labrum. I need to see more tape on Jordan because I worry he's too easily blocked.

* Jarvis Jones doesn't do it for me. He's too small. He's 24. He has neck issues. I just don't get all the love.

* Damontre Moore has the Lemonier body type, but is also too expensive, if we are to believe the media analysts.

* I realize Moore won't turn 21 until Sept. 11, but the guy has no bend whatsoever.

* "Bend," for those new to Internet scouting, is the pass-rushing equivalent of "arm talent."

* As for the other pass-rusher in the first round, I'm still not sold on Barkevious Mingo. Great suddenness, and he flashes freakish strength, but he might be too skinny to play OLB for the Steelers.

* Dee Milliner, Johnathan Hankins, Keenan Allen, Matt Elam, Alec Ogletree, Sharrif Floyd, Tyler Bray, Eric Reid, Robert Woods and Joseph Randle are others who won't turn 22 until at least the second half of the 2013 season.

* I really like Randle, the RB from Oklahoma State, but, boy, Gillislee looked good in the Senior Bowl. He has everything the Steelers would want in a running back.

* Oh, I almost forgot about the second shocking TV scene this week: I inadvertently turned on the Pro Bowl last night and was stunned – STUNNED, I tell you – to see every single lineman walking around like a zombie during plays. I just couldn't believe their collective apathy. So I put on the Florida-LSU tape instead. And off went Gillislee. Again.

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