UNC-UM: Roy Williams Postgame

Inside Carolina's post game coverage includes video and transcript excerpts of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC loss to Miami on Saturday.

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Opening Comments:
"Well there's not a lot you can say. We didn't play as well as we wanted to play by any means. They were pretty much playing pretty well here. Hitting on a lot of cylinders and all those clichés that you want to use. We didn't have many answers for them. We got off to a terrible start and didn't run back on defense and turn it over forty feet from the basket and it's two lay-ups in a row . Had a good open shot in the corner and missed it then we take a couple of bad shots rushing them and all of a sudden it's 11-2 or something like that.

"I think mentally it really bothered us yet I still thought we were in the game because I didn't think Miami was playing great at that moment. They had had four or five turnovers themselves in the first seven or eight minutes and then all of a sudden they just started making every shot. One time I yelled out Marcus (Paige) was guarding (Shane) Larkin and he jumped up and shot from the top of the key and I yelled good defense Marcus and it went right in.

"There's a bunch of them where we didn't play defenses as well as we did on that one but Larkin just dominated the game. I think he's really good. Yet a lot of teams could stand out there with no defense on the court and make 15 out of 26 from three. Things were smooth for them and they were hitting on all cylinders. We got to play a heck of a lot better. To be outrebounded by nine…we only have 10 assists…11 turnovers…they shoot 55 percent, we shoot 38 percent. That's how you get your tail whipped."

As good as Miami was did you think you guys were past these types of poor performances?
"Everybody from North Carolina thinks it just about North Carolina. It's not. I mean, Miami is pretty doggone good. They have a right way of playing the game. The dominated the way we played. It wasn't all just a failure of what North Carolina did. You've got to give Miami credit also. Past these types of performances, I never think I'm past this.

"Every game I go into I know I can get my tail beat. I know I can win the game. I never try to decide where we're going to play great today or we're not going to play great. To say that we're past these kinds of performances is…We practiced our butts off yesterday and we're going to do it again."

Can you compare this Miami team compared to the one you faced earlier in the season in Chapel Hill?
"They're playing better. Even before today's game, watching them on tape. I thought we were playing better. I said a thousand times when the ball goes in the basket everything looks a heck of a lot better. So 15 out of 26…I mean Durand Scott has a reputation of not being able to shoot the ball from three point and he's three for three. I thought big Reggie (Johnson) made one there at one point. He's a nice young man. He comes and works my camps but he hurt their three point percentage."

What's the key to starting off games better?
"You know if I knew that I would have already solved it. That's the bottom line. You're coaching eighteen, nineteen, twenty and twenty year old's who knows. We were prepared. We got up at 7:45 am and came and did shoot around and reviewed everything we'd talked about. There's a reason that more teams have good records at home as compared to the road. It's because you have that crowd with you and the whole bit. It's also just not how it helps you. It hurts the other team. The more experienced your team is the more times they can handle that stuff even a little better. Just to shrug it off and say it's alright we're going to come get you. Right now our team is not at that level."

In an unpredictable season, how solid is Miami?
"I think they're really solid. I really do, I think they guard like crazy. Larkin sets a great standard out front. I think he's leading the league in steals or close to that. With (Kenny) Kadji, twice we're going in for dunks and Kadji blocks our dunk twice. Reggie (Johnson) and (Julian) Gamble give them the size inside. The muscle that you need a lot of times just to clear some space in there. They've got shooters. Durand Scott had a heck of a four year career and today he's three for three. He takes the ball to the basket.

"They can shoot inside. They can shoot outside. They can get to the free throw line. They can guard you without fouling. They made three fouls in the first half and none in the first seven or eight minutes of the second half. They can turn their defense into offense by getting some fast break baskets. People talk a lot about their experience and how old they are but they are also talented. So I think they're really good. The game at our place, it was a one possession game and all of a sudden three out of four possessions they made three's and all of a sudden it's a nine point game."

Comments on McAdoo's performance:
"Well you can look and it wasn't very good. He can tell you that. We need him to play better. We need Marcus (Paige) to play better. We need all of our guys to play better. I think that James Michael wants it so badly he rushes it sometimes and I think today he didn't catch his breath and get a little more solid fundamentally. I think he rushed it. Again, give them credit. Not many people block two dunks in one game and Kadji did. In our game at our place he had three big blocks in the last four minutes of the game."

Are you more impressed with Miami offensively or defensively or what?
"I think first off as a coach I'd look at the whole package. I think that's what I'm most impressed with. I think they have the whole package. They've beaten some pretty good basketball teams. You can down there and look and see what happened. I know they lost to Florida Gulf Coast and I'd hate to hell to have to play Florida Gulf Coast. They've really played a very good schedule and they've played very well against a very good schedule. I do think they have the whole package. Today you'd have to say gosh offensively they were so good. But also they made it difficult for us to make passes. We'd try to get it inside and we'd have shooters taking fall away jumpers."

UNC went almost thirty-five minutes without shooting a free throw. Is that a sign of not being aggressive enough?
"Two things. First, I think they're good defensively and like most good defensive teams they practice to play without fouling. And then we weren't aggressive enough by far."

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