Report: Vikings looking to trade Harvin

Local news report says team sources claim that the Vikings are looking to trade Percy Harvin following a blow-up with head coach Leslie Frazier. The incident was credited for why Harvin was placed on injured reserve and why the Vikings are looking to trade Harvin.

Mike Max of WCCO Radio reported this weekend that the Vikings are actively pursuing a trade for wide receiver Percy Harvin.

According to the report, the reason the Vikings put Harvin on injured reserve while he was healing from an ankle injury was related to a meltdown Harvin had that was directed toward head coach Leslie Frazier in the presence of several players.

Sources said that teammates didn't take well to Harvin's blow-up at Frazier, which was similar to an episode Harvin had with former head coach Brad Childress. As a result, the report claims, the Vikings are looking to trade Harvin while his trade value is high.

Harvin is under contract for one more season and there has been speculation that, if the Vikings were looking to trade Harvin, any potential trade would likely have to come prior to this year's draft.

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman was vague about Harvin's status on Friday. Asked about Harvin's contract status, Spielman declined to get into specifics.

"I'm not going to say what's going to happen this offseason because he is going into the last year of his contract," Spielman said in an interview with KFAN radio. "But right now, where we're at, Percy Harvin is a member of this football team and he is a very good football player. We don't like to get rid of good football players."

"We love Percy Harvin as a football player. Everybody sees what he does for our football team."

Harvin's salary for 2013, the last of his of his rookie deal, nearly doubled for 2013 – to $2.9 million – because of incentives he met in 2012. Despite missing the final seven games of the season after injuring his ankle, he had 62 catches for 677 yards and was being talked about as a potential MVP candidate midway through the season.

Spielman defended the decision to place Harvin on injured reserve.

"Percy is a very good football player. I think the issue was we weren't seeing the progress we needed to see (in the ankle), and when we made that decision to put Percy on IR, it was for his benefit down the road. He's still a young player," Spielman said. "We felt we didn't want to put him out there to further any damage or risk to potentially have any long-term issues with his ankles. We did what was best for Percy Harvin at the time. I know Percy was very frustrated from the fact that his ankle wasn't coming around as quickly as he had hoped, as well. I know our medical staff was working extremely hard."

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