UNC-GT: Roy Williams Postgame

ATLANTA --- Inside Carolina's post game coverage includes video and transcript excerpts of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's victory over Georgia Tech on Tuesday.

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Opening Comments:
"Well you're always happy about a win in the ACC and a road win especially. It was an ugly game at times for both teams. I thought we had a hundred turnovers but we only had nine. I think in the first half James Michael's 15 [points] and nine [rebounds] were really big for us. The second half I thought Reggie got out on the break and we found him on the break. He scored nine points and all of those were in the second half. Marcus had eight off of them in the second half. Dexter had four in the second half because our starting guys on the perimeter Marcus, Dexter and Reggie were 0-9 at halftime and nobody had scored.

"It was good to get them a little more involved and then Leslie McDonald gave us a big lift off of the bench and there's no question about that whatsoever. It's hard to win games shooting 38 percent. It's still a W and that's what you have to look at it and that's the way we'll take it."

Comments on the effect of using the small lineup:
"You look down and see Robert Carter had nine and Daniel [Miller] had six. Kammeon [Holsey] had 10. You'd like for nobody to be in double figures but that's not going to happen. Kammeon had 18 against us at our place. We wanted P.J. to front him more in the low post but we never got that defensive set working. P.J. stayed behind him all night. We jammed down on him a couple of times but we got one turnover and one deflection they ended up getting it. It was okay but it wasn't great.

"I don't like to look down and see they outrebounded us 43 to 38 and second chance points 12 to 9. I do like the fact that we got out on the fast break a little bit more, too. Leslie went down one time and made a great double team and had to move it all around and turned it over on the other side. We've got to be better at it because it does have some deficiencies. P.J. had two great games back-to-back but struggled a little bit more tonight and rushed his shot a little bit."

You mentioned on Saturday that you still weren't playing as fast as you wanted to. Was there some progress there tonight?
"Well in the second half, with some turnovers from Georgia Tech. Reggie had three lay-ups in the second half on the break. We didn't handle it real well. I do like that we're trying to run. Leslie and Reggie had a 2-on-1 and throw it out of bounds and don't get a shot. James Michael throws it off of a guy's leg one time. We're going to keep trying to run it and try to get faster."

On James Michael McAdoo's performance:
"He'd had some big challenges over the last three games with the guys he's trying to guard. He's done a nice job. We've gotten Desmond (Hubert) in the game for a couple of spurts. Jackson (Simmons) tonight helped out. We need to give James Michael some rest periods in that time period. He still played the most minutes in the game tonight. He's really done a good job defensively. He was the defensive player of the game in the Virginia game and I think he was the second in the Duke game."

On McAdoo's new role with the smaller lineup:
"I don't think the offense had affected him at all. I think the biggest adjustment revolves around who he is guarding on the defensive end of the floor. We're asking him to do basically to do the same thing on the offensive end. I wanted him to post up a little bit more. We can't afford to shoot 38 percent and expect to win games."

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