Mitch Kimble on Tape

Mitch Kimble was one of two quarterbacks Syracuse signed as part of their 2013 class. has his senior highlights inside.

Prospect: Mitch Kimble

Vitals: 6-foot-2.5, 190 lbs

Position: Quarterback

Class: 2013

School: Jersey Community High School (IL)

Recruiting: Signed with Syracuse

Quick Take: Kimble's biggest strength is his ability to use his legs. He can take off and gain big yards down the field, or scramble to avoid a sack and keep the play alive. That skill set should fit perfectly in the Syracuse offense. He must work on his pocket awareness, quickness of his release, and downfield accuracy.

Senior Highlights Part 1:

Don't forget to check out part 2 of Kimble's Senior Highlights:

FOX Sports NEXT's John Garcia Jr. contributed to this report

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