Arizona after elite athlete

Budda Baker is one of the best athletes in the country. Read on to see how Arizona is involved, the rest of his recruitment, and more.

Bellevue (Wash.) junior safety Budda Baker has an elite game to go with an elite name. The rangy defensive back hasn't looked into his recruitment much, but that time is approaching.

"I honestly don't have a school or a list right now," Baker said. "I'm being recruited by the entire Pac-12 and much of the country is recruiting me. I'm going to look into all my options, but I haven't looked into any schools."

Baker has only taken a closer look at one school while another has recently gotten involved.

"I've obviously been to the University of Washington because I'm close to it, but I haven't taken any other unofficial visits yet," he said. "I've also gotten an offer from Arizona along with a bunch of mail."

One factor that will not play a role in Baker's decision is distance.

"Distance won't be a factor in my decision," he said. "I'm completely prepared to go to the best school for me and if that's really far away that's not a problem."

In the meantime, Baker is preparing for the start of another sports season.

"Right now I'm just getting ready for track," Baker said. "Track is great because it really carries over to other sports like football. I feel I'm good at track and football, so it goes hand in hand."

Although Baker is already a strong player, he is working hard to improve.

"The main thing I'm working on from a football perspective is staying patient in the secondary," he said. "I tend to get excited and back pedal farther back than I need to.

"I need to use my speed and length to challenge more. Mental stuff like that is very important and I want to try and master stuff like that. At the next level there are a ton of great players and I have to have the mental part to really become a good player."

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