Ways Beginning Visit Schedule

Detroit Country Day (Mich.) junior wide receiver Maurice Ways recently visited Michigan State and has more trips planned. What did the Spartans tell him about a potential offer?

Maurice Ways, a junior receiver from Detroit Country Day visited Michigan State on Thursday with a couple teammates and says he had a good visit with the Spartans.

"It was my first game up there and it was great," the 6'4, 190-lb pass catcher said. "The fans were really rowdy. It was great. I talked to Coach Samuel the whole time and Coach Salem and we just sat and watched the game. It was a good experience. It was a good game. They said basketball team and football team play the same, they play really hard and he used the word "swag," they have swag when they play. It was just a really good time up there."

Ways has a couple of offers, including Iowa, his first Big Ten and BCS offer, which came recently. The Spartans told him he could be an offer guy for them as well.

"I was talking with Coach Samuel the wide receiver coach, Coach Salem, my area recruiter and I talked to Coach Dantonio at half time. Coach Salem said he really likes me, he thinks I'm a good player, I have a lot of upside, high potential and he's excited to get the chance to work with me in the future. And then Coach Dantonio told me that he watched my film again, and he asked me how much I weigh and I told him 190 right now and he told me don't get too big so I keep my speed and everything. They all like me. Coach Samuel said I'm an offer type guy, but the fact that I live in Michigan, they just want to get to know me more as a person, off the field."

Ways will give the Spartans a chance to do that, saying, "I'm taking a visit up there the 28th for their spring practice, so hopefully we'll build a better relationship and see what happens in the future."

In addition to Michigan State, Ways said, "I'm going to Northwestern next weekend, Ohio State at the end of the month and I have to schedule trips for Pittsburgh, Iowa and probably Ball State some time in April."

Following that, camp season will almost be here and Ways is going to make sure schools get a good chance to see his skills.

"Yeah,I'm going to the NIKE Sparq camp in Chicago, Northwestern and Michigan to one-day camp, probably Michigan State and I have to decide the others, but those main ones right now I have for sure."

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