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Neal Would Be Giant Among Outside Backers

Neal (Brett Davis - USA Today Sports)

Mike Neal is listed at 294 pounds, so even if he's trimmed some weight for his "slash" role of defensive tackle/outside linebacker, he'll be a giant at the position, based on the weights of the NFL's projected 32 starters at 3-4 OLB. Regardless, an on-the-move Neal provides intriguing options.

At a listed 6-foot-3 and 265 pounds, Nick Perry is a big man playing outside linebacker. At a listed 6-foot-3 and 294 pounds, Mike Neal is a giant. The average weight of the Green Bay Packers' six full-time outside linebackers is 254.2 pounds. Based on the depth charts at, the average weight of the NFL's 32 projected starting 3-4 outside linebackers is 258.7 pounds. Of those 3... Recommended Stories


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