West Coast Look at 2015 Top 75

There are 14 West Coast prospects that made Scout.com's updated 2015 Top 75. Who are they and why are they ranked where they are? We break down the list, which is headlined by Stephen Zimmerman at #1.

Size: 7-11 / 225
Quick Take: Zimmerman is just a dominant player for a high school sophomore. He can face up and hit three-pointers and will knock down shots from midrange, but really if he gets the ball around the basket, he's trying to dunk everything and usually there isn't much contesting him at this point. Zimmerman is one of the best shot blockers in the country, plays extremely hard, works hard, is an excellent passer for a center and gets better every time you see him.

Recruiting: Arizona, Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Oregon, UCLA, UNLV, USC

Size: 7-10 / 220
Quick Take: Rabb is almost everything you want a rising junior power forward prospect to be. He can finish with both hands, plays hard, rebounds on both sides of the court, can face up and shoot but would rather attack the basket to score and/or get to the line. You don't see him out on the perimeter jacking threes; he won't drift much further than 12-feet out and more often than not is in the paint, competing for space, fighting for rebounds and on defense attempting to block shots. He's improved significantly over the last year, and as he continues to get stronger his game should keep progressing as well.

Recruiting: Arizona, Arizona State, California, Kansas, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Stanford, UCLA, UNLV, USC, Washington

Size: 6-4 / 185
Quick Take: When Dorsey arrived on the scene as a freshman, he was a shooting guard whose biggest specialty was his midrange pull-up jumper, a shot he could get off whenever he seemed to want to. He would get himself in trouble by over-penetrating at that time, and it led to a lot of unnecessary turnovers. Dorsey's ball handling, penetrating and three-point shooting abilities have all really improved since then, and at this point he gets to the basket about as well as he scores off that pull-up. At times he can be a dominant scorer at this level.

Recruiting: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgetown, Louisville, Michigan, Oregon State, San Diego State, Stanford, UCLA, UNLV, USC, Washington, Washington State

Size: 7-11 / 205
Quick Take: Comanche is a long and slender center who has made extreme strides in his game over the last year. He hasn't stopped growing, which has slowed down his progress, but he's a player with serious upside and when he gets stronger, he'll be able to really come into his own. Comanche can finish with both hands in the paint, can step out to shoot it from the elbow and is very good passer form the high post. He's really improved as a shot blocker and his motor keeps getting better. Everything with Comanche is going in a great direction.

Recruiting: Arizona, Colorado, DePaul, Florida State, Kansas, Louisville, Marquette, Oregon, Syracuse, Texas A&M, UCLA, USC

Size: 7-10 / 225
Quick Take: Jeter is a big kid with a good frame who has steadily made the progression from prospect to player. He has good hands, hunts rebounds, has really improved his drop step and gets a lot of points off tip dunks from hunting the offensive glass. Jeter is still learning when to pass out of the post, but he's rebounding really well, becoming a better shot blocker and his motor keeps improving. He's a young kid who keeps getting better and has a lot of upside.

Recruiting: Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, UNLV, USC

Size: 6-0 / 175
Quick Take: Holiday is a score first guard, but he does have good vision and you hope with further development he will focus more on creating for others. Essentially, he's not a point guard right now, but has become more of one over time and the idea is he'll keep developing in that direction. Holiday's biggest strength is his physical attributes and attacking mentality. He could be the best player on the West Coast at finishing with contact and his body control is terrific attacking the rim. He uses a quick first step to get to the basket and once he gets there, he either finishes the lay-up, is fouled or both. He's an improving shooter and it's an area he needs to get a lot better at.

Recruiting: Arizona, Arizona State, California, Gonzaga, Louisville, UCLA, USC, Washington

Size: 6-11 / 155
Quick Take: From a talent perspective, LoVett should be much higher on this list. He's a lefty with a ridiculous handle and a pull-up jumper he can get off whenever he wants, which he hits regularly from both midrange and three. LoVett's handle and quickness also aid him when getting to the basket whenever he wants; it's very hard for defenders at this level to stay in front of him. LoVett is very shoot-first, but he actually does have pretty good vision. He recently left his high school and it's unknown where he'll land for his junior season.

Recruiting: Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Oregon State, San Diego State, Stanford, Texas, UC Irvine, UCLA, UNLV, USC, Washington

Size: 7-9 / 210
Quick Take: A face-up four, Boatwright's main objective is to beat you with his jump shot, and with his size and shooting ability, he's a tough player for opposing forwards to guard. He'll often hang out on the perimeter waiting for the ball and when he gets it, uses his quick release to fire away in a hurry. The talented shooter is a threat to hit shots straight up or even fading away. Boatwright is still quite physically immature but is just starting to gain strength, which will help him competing for rebounds and scoring in the paint. He's very talented now, and how he adds to his game – particularly inside – will determine his ultimate success.

Recruiting: Arizona, Boise State, California, Connecticut, Gonzaga, New Mexico State, North Carolina State, Oregon State, Providence, Rice, San Diego, San Diego State, UC Irvine, UCLA, UNLV, USC, Washington

Size: 6-8 / 165
Quick Take: Quite simply, Conway is one of the fastest players in the country from baseline to baseline. He gets the ball and just flies down the court past the defense; his speed with the ball is truly elite. Conway's speed and handle make him a really tough player to stop when he wants to drive, and he's a pretty good finisher. Sometimes he will be in more of a pass-first mode than other times, but he is a pretty good distributor when he puts his mind to it. Sometimes he plays a little too fast and he'll need to learn to let the game come to him. The talented athlete is also considered a high major prospect in football. He's moving in a good direction; not a finished product by any means but despite his size, he has a lot of upside due to his ridiculous speed.

Recruiting: Arizona, Colorado, Colorado State, Harvard, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Stanford

Size: 7-8 / 205
Quick Take: Chriss is a bouncy forward who rebounds on both sides of the court, attempts to dunk everything close to the basket and blocks shots on defense. When he shoots he gets good lift, making him tough to defend, and he uses a drop step well in the paint. At the Pangos All-American Camp he even showed three-point range on his shot. Chriss plays hard and gets out in transition, often leading to easy baskets. There's a lot of upside here.

Recruiting: Boise State, San Jose State, Santa Barbara

Size: 7-7 / 195
Quick Take: Davis lands on this list for the first time due to his significant upside. Last year he was a slender small forward still on JV, but he moved up to varsity as a sophomore and showed steady progress throughout the season. Davis' size, length, lateral quickness and motor make you excited about his defensive future, but he can also handle the ball and get to the basket. If he can keep developing as a shooter and improving at the same rate that he has been, he's going to be really good.

Recruiting: Cal Poly, Harvard, Oregon State, Rice, UCLA, USC

Size: 7-7 / 185
Quick Take: Smith claims to have grown about four inches in the last 4-5 months and is a kid that is just packed with upside. He's a kid whose ceiling is so high that he has to be considered one of the top small forward prospects out west in 2015 as of today. Smith has a terrific frame, length, size and athleticism for a player at his position and age. He plays hard, rebounds on both sides of the court, gets to the basket and finishes above the rim. Smith's got to keep developing his jumper and refining his game, but at this point he's clearly a very good prospect.

Recruiting: Northern Arizona, San Diego State, UNLV

Size: 6-3 / 175
Quick Take: Hemsley is a born scorer who, while a bit ball dominant, he's so hard to defend that the ball is safe in his hands. A shooting guard with terrific body control, Hemsley makes his move and glides to the basket, where he's a pretty good finisher. He usually plays with a purpose on both ends and his effort and lateral quickness make him a guy that should end up being a good defender in time. He's a better shooter from midrange than three and you want to see him continue to develop as a shooter over time.

Recruiting: Arizona, Boston College, Colorado, Gonzaga, New Mexico, New Mexico State, San Diego State, UC Irvine, UCLA, UNLV, USC, Washington, Washington State

Size: 6-0 / 175
Quick Take: A young point guard who isn't afraid to go to the basket, Small's biggest strength is his penetrating ability, as he racks up points attacking the rim. He's more quick than he is athletic and is a pretty strong kid for his age. Small is score-first, but he is a pretty good passer, especially in drive and dish situations. Small is a respectable shooter but it's an area for him to keep developing at. He's a nice prospect at this stage.

Recruiting: Arizona, Boston College, Columbia, Connecticut, Gonzaga, New Mexico, Oregon, Portland, San Diego State, UNLV

Others Under Consideration: Other West Coast prospects who were considered for this list include Jesse Wade, Sedrick Barefield, Malek Harwell, Stephen Thompson Jr., Rex Pflueger, Cameron Walker and Chimezie Metu.

New Names: Marquese Chriss, Roman Davis, Ray Smith, Jeremy Hemsley and Kendall Small all earned Top 75 status for the first time.

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