Camper Now On The Board

IRS Staff kept an eye on this big man at last week's advanced senior camp. This athletic and lean prospect was one of the standouts.

The first thing that stood out about Jesus Barrio, was his build. A tall, lean, and sculpted frame. He passed the eyeball test and then showed on the field that he has really good quicks and athleticism lining up on both, the defensive and offensive lines.

Barrio is a 6'4" 255lb prospect from McKinney Boyd High School, that college programs are starting to evaluate. Although he has no offers, it may only be a matter of time before his first one comes rolling in. UTSA, Louisiana-Monroe, North Texas, Iowa State and Texas State are all showing interest in the senior to be.

His experience at UTSA's camp was a good one and left a mark on him.

"The Coaching was great. The attention they gave you was really good. It was a great experience being in the Alamodome," said Barrio.

Prior to the camp, Jesus was not even a blip on the UTSA recruiting radar, so it's all the more impressive the impression he made.

"My friend David Tachie told me about the camp, so I decided what the heck," said Barrio.

He worked out at both DL and OL, but mostly got reps with the O-line and Coach Marshall. Barrio remains completely open to playing either side. The staff liked his height and speed for his size. They noticed he was a little bit light, but it was no problem as the coaches have no doubt that he could pack on the pounds.

For the time being, he'll continue to wait and see if an offer comes his way. One from UTSA would go a long way.

"An offer from UTSA would mean a lot. The location is nice and I have a friend that goes there, Nate Leonard," said Barrio.

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