From Manager to Field Goal Kicker

Learn how Cincinnati (Ohio) Hughes senior football manager Sarah Franklin used her soccer background to help fill a void on the field for her high school football team.

For the rest of her life Sarah Franklin will have a story to tell about her days as a high school football player. According to Cincinnati (Ohio) Hughes athletic director Jolinda Miller, Franklin became the first female to score a point in football for the Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference program on Saturday afternoon.

How did Franklin make the decision to go from team manager in week one of the season to field goal kicker in week two?

"We lost our first game because of a kick," said Franklin. "I knew I had played soccer for nine years, so I thought I would head out there and give it a shot.

"I was the team manager for the past year or two and had been working hard on that. But I was over with my coach cooking dinner for them that night, and saw them trying out new field goal kickers. So I thought I would try out and made nine out of eleven."

While Franklin was no stranger to those on the team, she didn't know how she would be accepted if she was called upon to be on the team. However, when word official came down, she was proud of her school and new teammates.

"It was kind of half and half," she said. "Half were like it's a girl while the other half was excited. But once I made those field goals in practice, they were pretty proud. I guess it was to be a secret that I was going to be the kicker. But the next day I heard that I was the field goal kicker as the team was letting it be known and I was pretty proud of that.

"The fact they accepted me and willing to tell the rest of the school that they had Sarah on the team made me very proud."

As for the magic moment when she was called upon to attempt her first kick in a game, Sarah had prepared for it all week.

"This was my first official game and I got a chance to score when Levon McCants scored," said Franklin. "I was a little nervous, but you've got to block it out and focus. I had been over thinking it this week and I was just able to relax and make that goal, so I was proud.

"I was happy and felt like I proved myself at that point and that I could do it in a game under pressure. So I was happy with myself for that."

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