EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Viral Vine Star Gary Haynes

We spoke with the suddenly famous high schooler about the throw seen 'round the world.

"Is this for real?" That's what many across America are questioning after a Texas high school football athlete recorded a video on the social networking video site Vine. Once the video surfaced, it went viral in a hurry. In fact, in a crazy turn of events, Gary Haynes of Manvel, TX, has turned what was just some kids having fun in the country into a national debate.

Well, for all who have questioned this, Haynes, who is a prospective college football recruit, has something to say. In an interview conducted yesterday, Haynes told us that his coach, after seeing the onslaught of coverage this mini video caused, asked Haynes simply, "Is the video real?" After that question was asked, Haynes said that he performed it in front of his coach, Kirk Martin, at Manvel High School on the practice field.

So what does Haynes have to say about all of this? Scout.com has a series of pressing questions to get clarity on everything he has dealt with since the video went up.

Was this the first time you threw the ball to yourself?

What made you decide to make a video?
We were in the country playing around, and I was throwing the ball up to myself. I started throwing it further and further. My friend told me that I didn't need a quarterback, that I could throw it to myself. Then I just got it recorded and it happened.

How did you come up with the idea of doing a Vine?
I put all the videos I did in the country on Vine. We were having a lot of fun and I just wanted to put the videos on Vine.

Were there any other videos you made while out there?
Yes. I made a video dunking one somebody and a video riding a four-wheeler.

How many takes did it take?
It took me like four or five times to get that video that's online. To be honest, I just did it and I thought it would be something that my friends would just laugh at. But then it got online and went crazy.

Did you have any idea it would go viral?
I did not expect it to go viral. I shot the video and I put it on Vine, which goes to my twitter. I went to the barbershop and left my phone at home. When I came back my phone was going crazy. Reporters were calling me and DMing [direct messaging] me on twitter. I made World Star Hip Hop, I made ESPN, and I was trending in the United States. It was just crazy.

What were the reporters asking you?
Channel 2 [NBC Affiliate] called me and Channel 11 [CBS Affiliate] about high school and football. They asked me if I am good at football and stuff like that.

What do you say to the people who are calling it a fake?
I tell them to keep watching the Vine. I'm not doing again unless they have some money for me [laughs]. I did it for my coach today, because he asked me if I could do it…really.

Do you think it will help you get recruited?
I'm not sure. I think it will—maybe like the "Hello" commercial (AT&T) when the coach from OU [Bob Stoops] showed up to see a player after he did that flip at practice. Maybe it will get around like that.

Have you heard from any new schools/coaches since the video aired?
Abilene Christian [Division II] called me and said they wanted me to come up this week. The coaches said that they had good news for me.

Are people treating you differently?
Everybody at school treats me differently. Everybody is asking me to take a picture with them and asking me to sign things. They don't care what I wear, and aren't concerned with the dress code with me. They treat me like a celebrity for real.

What was school like today?
I got to school and I had to take a history exam. Then one of my coaches came to me and said that Channel 2 is on the way up here to interview you. I was like wow, that's great. I ran routes for her an answered some questions. Then I had 7-on-7-practice. After that, I was at my friend's house and Channel 11 called me and said they are coming to see me. And they came over to interview me. They came to my house.

What are your overall feelings about everything?
It's crazy and stressful to be honest, but I like the attention.

Any more Vine videos planned?
Not quite for right now, but I will have something in mind sooner or later.

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