Place Your Bets Now: 2015 NBA Odds Released

Check out the odds to win the 2015 NBA Finals. Your favorite team could make you very, very rich.

Although failing to pull off the three-peat with Sunday's 104-87 loss to the Spurs in Game 5 of the 2014 NBA Finals, the Heat is still the favorite to win it all next season. Despite losing the final series by the largest point differential in NBA Finals history – 70 points over the 5 games –Vegas odds makers have made them 5-2 favorites to claim the Larry O'Brien trophy next season. Miami, San Antonio and Oklahoma City are the only 3 teams to play in the NBA Finals in the past 3 years, and not surprisingly the Spurs and Thunder, who fought earlier this month in the Western Conference Finals, are next in line at 9-2. There are 8 teams better than 20-1, 5 of which are in the Western Conference. Of course much could change after the off season shopping spree aka free agency unfolds. LeBron James holds the option to opt out of his contract as does the Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, who is rumored to be considering bolting to Chicago or Houston. A move by either of the all-stars, or others, could alter the odds dramatically.

Here is the full list of odds to win the 2015 NBA Championship as of June 17. Sorry, Bucks Fans.

    Miami Heat — 5-to-2
    Oklahoma City Thunder — 9-to-2
    San Antonio Spurs — 9-to-2
    Los Angeles Clippers — 10-to-1
    Indiana Pacers — 12-to-1
    Chicago Bulls — 12-to-1
    Golden State Warriors — 20-to-1
    Houston Rockets — 20-to-1
    Portland Blazers — 30-to-1
    Washington Wizards — 30-to-1
    Brooklyn Nets — 40-to-1
    Memphis Grizzlies — 40-to-1
    Dallas Mavericks — 40-to-1
    Denver Nuggets — 50-to-1
    Toronto Raptors — 50-to-1
    New York Knicks — 50-to-1
    Minnesota Timberwolves — 50-to-1
    New Orleans Pelicans — 50-to-1
    Los Angeles Lakers — 60-to-1
    Boston Celtics — 60-to-1
    Cleveland Cavaliers — 60-to-1
    Phoenix Suns — 60-to-1
    New Orleans Hornets — 60-to-1
    Atlanta Hawks — 60-to-1
    Utah Jazz — 100-to-1
    Sacramento Kings — 100-to-1
    Detroit Pistons — 100-to-1
    Orlando Magic — 100-to-1
    Philadelphia 76ers — 200-to-1
    Milwaukee Bucks — 300-to-1
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