Your Summer Beer-Barbecue Cheat Sheet

Stress about not burning the grub—not what to chug—with this easy pairing primer.

The Steak > Dogfish Raison D’Etre

Specifically brewed for sipping with steak, this brown Belgian-style momma is malty and rich with plum, raisins and a hearty stiffness that slices through the fat better than any overpriced steakhouse Cabernet. And no matter the cut (or how bad you char it), this big beer will enhance every juicy bite.

The Burger > Firestone Easy Jack IPA

Surprisingly crisp, and without the bold bitterness that most IPAs pack, this easy drinker is mildly hoppy with just a whisper of banana. It’s sure to create a mind-blowing burger-bun-beer orgy (and the only threesome you’ll ever have).

The BBQ-Sauce Anything > Upslope IPA

Be it chicken or pork, spicy or sweet, this utility IPA will add a whole mess of delicious to whatever you’re slathering with sauce. Packing orange and caramel notes, it has a dry hoppy hit that never fronts on the food.

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