Game Review: The Golf Club

Green addicts, bust out that digital driver: your Cinderella story starts now.

Owning a country club is a huge ordeal and a giant expense. Owning The Golf Club, the brand new, stripped down, no nonsense version of video game golf on PC or Xbox One, is significantly easier and cheaper. Plus, you get to play infinitely more courses this way instead of just the same 18 holes over and over.

That’s not a euphemism. The biggest selling point about The Golf Club is that, using algorithms, it procedurally generates new courses so there will never be a shortage of landscapes to hack through.

It’s a good thing too because the gameplay is about as ho-hum as you can expect from a golf game.

Bare bones control schemes are easy enough for anyone to pick up immediately, turning novices into scratch golfers in no time. No bonuses or other gimmicks are present either but that’s not a bad thing for a game that focuses on the pure mechanics of a game where technique trumps power.

Even the commentary, much more akin to playing the back nine with your buddies than the pomposity of the recognizable names in EA’s long-running PGA alternative, is a noticeable difference that occasionally elicits a chuckle, something we can’t remember ever happening in EA’s mainstay.

The Golf Club also comes with a course creator as standard equipment. With the PS4 version set to follow the PC and Xbox One version sometime down the line, HB Studios has wisely opted to share community-created courses across platforms. As the community digs in and starts re-creating everything from their own hometown links to knock-offs of the most famous country clubs in the world, The Golf Club will only continue gaining value.

Last but not least, you can play all of these wonderful creations with friends. Online multiplayer is built in and challenging friends is a sure way to up your game and keep you coming back. We’re not ones to settle for anything but the top of an online leaderboard, at least not when it comes to the people we play against regularly. And certainly not in a round of golf.

The Golf Club is out now for PC and Xbox One for $34.99. HB Studios will only say it’s “coming soon” for PS4. You can snag it as a direct download on Steam or Xbox Live.

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